XII Electronics Solved Problems Booklet

solved problems 12th electronics

Step by step explanation, with each and every step for calculation is given. Selected problems from HSC Board Papers. Systematically written solved unsolved problems booklet. All 6 chapters: Instruments, Power Supply, Transducer, Operational Amplifier, Communication Electronics, Study of Integrated Circuits; are covered.

This booklet contains selected and regular problems asked in HSC Board examination of 12th standard bifocal electronics subject for paper-1 only.

solved problems 12th electronics

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Chapter-wise Details

This is is the first theory paper of 12th electronics syllabus. It carries 50 Marks. These marks are divided into 6 chapters as given below:

  1. Instruments: CRT, CRO, function generator, DMM – 15%
  2. DC Power Supplies: HWR, FWR, BR, filters, regulators, 3-terminal ICs – 20%
  3. Transducers: active/passive transducers, 9 different types of transducers – 10%
  4. Operational Amplifiers: differential amplifier, characteristics of opamp, why dual power supply is necessary, parameters of opamp, inverting/non-inverting amplifier, adder, subtractor, integrator, differentiator, buffer, comparator, Schmitt trigger, etc. – 25%
  5. Modern Electronics Communication: elements of communication system, satellite comm., WAN, MAN, LAN; optical fiber comm., facsimile FAX, Cell phone technology, RADAR communication, etc. – 10%
  6. Study of Integrated Circuits: complete study of IC 555, IC 741 and IC LM 317 – 20%

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