The secret behind domain expiry

When you register a domain name on a server, it is generally registered for a period of 1 year. Exactly after one year, (or even quite before…!) the owner of the domain is notified by the server people to renew it.

Generally, the owner of the domain name is told after 1 year expiration of his domain that, he can renew his domain within a 1 month time. If the owner doesn’t renew it within this grace period, then the domain is appears to be expired by owner of the domain.

By chance, suppose the owner doesn’t renew it even within the grace period, and then suddenly he wanted it badly. Now the problem is the server people tell the old owner that it has expired and now it is on bidding…!

But the fact is quite different. Now here comes the main thing about the secret of expiry of the domain in real world. According to the life cycle of a domain name, after expiry, the domain name goes into a 36 day renewal grace period.

After that, it goes into a transition period of 7 days, after which it goes into a 30 day redemption period where the domain name can be restored. Once that is over, there is another 5 days of pending delete status, after which the domain name can be purchased again.

This entire cycle of domain expiration and reappearance of it again for new purchase is quite nicely explained graphically by

So in a nutshell, it means that the old owner is misguided of the bidding of his own domain after 1 month of expiry and also if a person is interested in such a domain, he has to wait unnecessarily…!

But this it…! Nobody cared to change it…! If you are such a person searching for some solution, then we will suggest you to just wait…! You can do nothing, until the entire period of 92 days after its expiry is over…!

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