SEO untold facts, tips & tricks about WordPress Part-2

The SEO untold facts, tips & tricks about WordPress is a series of articles I am specially writing for beginners. I have been using WordPress for my number of sites, since more than 10 years. Here I am sharing a number of untold facts, tricks and tips – fully time tested…! Please note, I’m not a expert programmer or an expert code geek, but what I’m sharing here will surely help the beginners…!

– Dattaraj Vidyasagar

Tips while installing WP

First as I start designing new site, first I install WP through CPANEL at the host. Now there are two things in this step which you must note.

  1. While installing WP, it asks whether to install on the root, or in a directory.
  2. I will suggest you to go for root option, in particular. However, if it is not feasible for you, then go for a directory option. Here note that Google gives more search results to a root installed website rather than directory based. Why it is so, that I don’t know. But I have tested it with many of my sites*.
  3. Now WP also asks you whether to go with or Here also the choice is yours! But I prefer going with the second option. This is because when you tell your site’s address to someone, its rather impressive to add a “www” at the beginning. It looks rather elegant for your domain.
  4. Before installing WP you must also confirm which title and username you must use. If you are the owner of the site, and want to display your name in particular on the Google search results, then use your own name e.g. satish_agrawal, jim_carrey, or something like that.
  5. Now here I will strongly suggest to use the same title and username as that you used in your Google+ profile.
  6. This appears rather tricky, but I have observed that if you use the same title and username, it becomes easier for systematic Schema for your website. We shall talk about this part of Schema, later in this series.

Tip for beginners: Please note that and are two entirely different things and Google shows two entirely different search results for these two websites.

Part-3 of SEO untold facts, tips & tricks about WordPress, will follow soon.

Don’t miss the Part-3 of the series of SEO untold facts, tips & tricks about WordPress. In next part, I am going to discuss about the untold facts of becoming familiar with environment of WP.

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