How to make your own scribbler robot?

To make your own scribbler robot is awfully simple!

You can turn any of your BLFR or the like robot into scribbler robot. Just follow the below given procedure…

Take an ‘L’ shape clamp as shown below. You can get such clamp in your junk box or in your childhood mechano box.

Now take a 1 inch PVC pipe and cut it into a length of 4-5cms. Not more. This length is enough.

Now fix the ‘L’ shape clamp at the front side of your robotic chasis with screw and then fix the piece of PVC pipe on it, as shown below, with the help of rubber band. If you want it really tight, then pour some drops of FIX-IT or some quick adhesive for real rigid and fix pipe.

Take a 1 inch PVC pipe, 4-5cem long

Take a 1 inch PVC pipe, 4-5cem long

Now you are almost ready. Take a Camlin white board marker pen and just insert it into the pipe, as shown.

Camlin white board marker pen

Just insert the board marker pen in the pipe

Now program your robot to draw circle, square, rectangle, triangle and number of shapes by writing accurate programs with this robot. Be careful about the “_delay_ms(?) value in your program. This delay will play an important roll to draw anything accurately enough.

Program your robot to move forward and backward with turns to draw such words and even figures

Note: If you find that as the speed of robot increases, the tip of the pen may not draw vivid lines. For that you can place or fix some small weight on the top of the pen. This will make it really cool to draw vivid and neat figures, letters and even words…!

There is another idea of making more perfect scribbler robot, as given below.

Centered hole scribbler robot

So? Happy scribbling….!