Robotics Basic Guide

This is the robotics basic guide for all beginner level students. To start your basic study in robotics, first of all you need to download and install following first two software i.e. Win AVR, AVR Studio4 in your computer.

Download WinAVR Software

Download AVR Studio4

The below given download is just a utility. Download it and click on its .exe file. There is no need to install it. Actually it does not install itself but starts directly.

Download Burner

After this, finally open AVR Studio4 application from the “Start” menu of your computer. When it opens completely, follow the procedure given in following video, to create your first project i.e. program in it.

During your study if you come across any problem, refer to our course book, LEARN ROBOTICS IN EASY STEPS. You can place your order to purchase it on this link.

Please refer to our other free downloads, given below, related to robotics. They will help you understand the subject more clearly.

Watch this video to understand AVR Studio4 installation & its use