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12th electronics coaching

Teaching since last 3 decades in Akola. Batches for 11-12th Std. Bifocal Electronics students.


» Full revised syllabus of HSC Board is taught.
» Every topic is taught through practical methodology.
» Full practical sessions to perform 36 practical experiments.
» Complete well designed study material.

Regular Batches

Start every year by 25 July. The batch timings available are from 01PM to 08PM.
Syllabus completes on 10 June, next year. Summer vacation upto 25 days.
From 20th July, regular test series starts upto November.
Then revision batches start for our regular students upto January end.
Any student who is right now in 11th can join this batch.

Latecomer’s Batches

You can join also as a latecomer student.
Previous portion of syllabus will be taught.

Refresher Batch

We have only one batch with specific timing for refresher batch.
Fast batch with full practical demos and regular tests.
The students from Kota, Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai Coaching classes can join.

Important points to note!

Due to increasing trend of IIT-JEE preparation, students don’t get practical knowledge.
Considering this problem we teach our students the theory part of Bifocal Electronics through practical sessions.
Last year we have 59 students securing more than 95% marks, more than 60 students above 85% marks.


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Contact No.: 99-60-991-991
Address: Vidyasagar Academy, Ranpise Nagar,
Near 12-Jyotirling Temple, Akola – 444 001, M.S. India

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