Learn hobby electronics

Learn hobby electronics! Enrich your knowledge…!

We teach the students how to construct simple circuits using most easy methods. No soldering…! No danger of electric shock…! No need to understand complicated theory…!

  • Learn to construct simple electronics circuits and projects.
  • Understand the basics behind the circuit.
  • No need to learn soldering!
  • Construct the circuit within an hour!
  • We teach complete idea of the working of the circuit.
  • This helps the student to explain the working in front of the teacher and others.
  • We provide hard copy of the project report also.
  • The project report includes the following points:
    • Introduction
    • Circuit diagram
    • Working of the circuit
    • Brief theory behind the project
    • Applications of circuit
    • Specification of the parts used
    • Possible modifications in the project
  • Very useful for school students, college students and even engineering students.
  • Impress your students and friends by showing your beautiful creations….!

How we teach & how you will learn?

  1. We give simple circuits and projects to the students on CARD LEVEL.
  2. The student has to assemble the circuit as per connection diagram.
  3. Each circuit will be unique!
  4. Each circuit will have large number of applications.
  5. The cost of the circuit will be within the range of Rs.200 to Rs.1000/-
  6. The cost includes complete guidance and printed copy of small project report.

For example…

Take a project of simple burglar alarm. It contains following parts.

 » Small 9V battery, alarm circuit using transistor BC548, peizo buzzer, micro switch, connecting wires and miscellaneous parts» We teach how to assemble the circuit. After assembling it, you will learn the basic working of the circuit. Then we teach the student about the applications of the circuit.

» Here the burglar alarm has about 10 different applications, which we can use in our day-to-day life. You can protect your home, shop, house gate, godowns, etc. using this simple circuit.

» Finally the cost of the circuit including the complete kit and guidance and printed project report is just Rs.250/-

So what are you waiting for?
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