How to increase the writing speed in English language?

I use following tricks and it helped me a lot. You also try it for sure!

  1. Always join all the alphabets in english language – the reason for this is: the lesser the pen lifts, the faster the writing will be.
  2. Practice handwriting on the day of exam for 15 minutes – this will provide warming up, flexibility to the muscles of your forearm for easy movements.
  3. Always use pens which you are comfortable with – do not use new pens on the day of exams as you would have adjusted to the width, length and writing angle of your old pens while holding it.
  4. In case of ball pens, always carry 3-5 refills which you already used partially. This is very important. So for this you will have to buy 3-5 refills at least a week before the exam and then will have to use them till you feel comfortable with them. I think this is needless to say that a new refill may hamper your writing speed, as you are not used to its writing angle while holding the pen.
  5. In case of pencils, always carry 3-5 extra pencils, full in length and well sharpened. It is a good practice to wrap each sharpened pencil in a separate piece of paper and keep them in a pouch. This will avoid breaking of their tips and facing the future problems.
  6. Do not hold the pen or pencil very tightly while writing. It generally happens that when you read the question paper, you find some questions favourable, so due to excitement, it is a common problem that you may hold the pen or pencil tightly. This will eventually reduce your writing speed. This is in turn increases anxiety and it may lead to a vicious circle and may ruin your writing speed further.
  7. Referring to former point, do not press the pen or pencil on the paper, as well. This will takes lot of your energy to write and you may feel tired. During such problem, I noticed that many students, throw their right hand many times, to get relaxed. But this is more dangerous! If by chance, your fingers collide on the wall or the edge of desk or something like that, its going to be more problematic. So be careful on this point in particular. One of my friend seating in front of me had such habit and so while throwing hand to get relaxed, his hand was cramped so hard, that he had to leave the exam hall due to sudden pain (the facility of writer may or may not be available at exam center – please note this). Believe it, I have actually witnessed it in my HSC Board examination.
  8. Beware of the fact that when we read a question, our brain will recollect the answer to the question very quickly (if of course you are well prepared!). But our hand will not move that much faster to write on the paper equivalent to the speed of our brain. So do not hurry in a panic while writing the answers. Such problems may also lead to anxiety and hamper your writing speed.
  9. So avoid any kind of anxiety, fear or mental stress on the examination day. All these issues will hamper the style and look of your handwriting since they psychologically affect your performance of writing. Just relax and let the things go by on this day. This point I am writing particularly for the parents as well. Don’t give stress to your son/daughter on this day, at least.
  10. On the day of the exams, avoid wearing any kinds of rings, threads, bangles on the writing hand (either left or right – I will say both!) so that they do not physically hinder your pen holding or hand movements while writing.
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