How to repair remote control of any type?

This is that article of “How to repair any type of remote control and save money from buying a new one” which I was thinking of writing since long.

I have observed in many families and homes, where people just throw away their remote controls of TV, AC, microwave oven, DVD player, etc. whenever they get irritated while pressing and pressing the buttons and nothing happens…!

But believe me! If you follow this procedure of repairing the remote control, given below, then within 5 minutes, you can repair any type of remote control. You can save lots of money after reading this!

What happens exactly when your remote control does not work?

When a remote control does not work, it means that its internal contact pad has “caught” lots of dust and moisture. Here I assume that the batteries used in the remote control are OK.

So if the contact pad is not working properly, it means that when you try to press a button of the remote control, it does not send any signal to the device like TV, AC, etc.

I have noticed that 99.9% problems in remote control are related to contact pad, as I said above.

So considering this problem, I will explain how to repair it.

  • First open the lid of the remote control and remove the batteries.
  • Then check that whether there is a screw fixed on the rear side of the remote control. If there is a screw, then it will be particularly of two types: cross-head type or hexagonal type. as shown below.
how to repair remote control (2)

You will need one small screw driver with either crosshead screw driver tip or hexagonal tip

  • Remove this screw and then loosen the backside lid of the remote control, round the way till you can remove it. Don’t be afraid of breaking it! It’s ok. The lid is generally made up of flexible plastic and it will be quite easy to open it.
  • Now slowing remove the internal contact pad and the rubber pad, as shown below.
how to repair remote control

All the internal parts of TataSky remote control

how to repair remote control (4)

Close up of internal parts of Tatasky remote control

  • Now observe the contact pad given below.
how to repair remote control

The contact pads on this card are shown with white circles

  • Minutely observe the contacts on this card. You will notice that a stubborn patch of dust must have adhered onto it. So using some thinner or CCl4 (Carbon Tetra Chloride) or even moist cloth, slowly wipe out the patches on all the contact points.
  • Then observe the contact points on the rubber pad, as shown below.
how to repair remote control

Clean the all the conductive contact points of the rubber pad shown by arrows

  • After cleaning this, slowly rub a sharp pencil tip on the rubber pad contact points. Do not rub the pencil tip on the PCB of the contact pad.
  • Once you are done with this, again assemble all the parts of the remote control, fix the batteries in correct position into it.
  • Fix the screw and now your remote control is quite ready.
  • Test it and you will see that its working quite normally.
  • Congratulations! You have saved at least Rs.400 to Rs.500 from buying a new remote control.

About the author: My fields of interest are applied electronics, robotics & web designing. I’m an Engineer by education and a sincere student of science & technology. People call me teacher!

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  • arun

    January 2, 2017, 9:34 AM

    Very good info…I have Samsung TV remote and recently it has created problem…I will work on it…

    • VSAcademy

      January 2, 2017, 10:25 AM

      This is great Patole sir.
      ITs very nice to note that you are motivated to repair the remote control at your home.
      Vidyasagar Academy constantly tries to provide informative articles on technology.

    • VSAcademy

      January 2, 2017, 11:01 AM

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