How to collect online admission fees for your courses?

When Vidyasagar Academy started different courses we had a great problem about collection of fees, How to collect online admission fees? – particularly for collecting online fees through any online merchant into our bank account.

After searching a lot, we came across a great solution, explained below. If you have any coaching class or institution having courses, where you conduct coaching, training, etc. and you get number of online admissions, then this solution will surely prove to be helpful to you.

First create admission form

First create a simple online admission form on your site. If you don’t have your own site, then you can either create a free site on and then create admission form on it. If you don’t want to create site, then use Google Forms to collect the admission details from a student.

Create free website with Create either a full website or a blog.
A simple Google form template of event registration. It can be modified into a simple admission form.

 Signup to Instamojo

Now that you are ready with the above step, visit by clicking following link. It is best source for collecting online payments. Vidyasagar Academy is selling its study material and collecting online admission fees through Instamojo.

Its just great…!

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After visiting the above link, there is a button “Signup” on top-right corner. Click it and you will see a signup form pop-up as shown below.

Signup form with a gift of Rs.500, which you will get from Instamojo after creating the account.

Now fill up the form and follow the procedure it gives during this. Keep your bank account details like Bank name, account number, saving/current account details, PAN Card, and your cell phone with you during this procedure.

Mobile verification dialogue during registration on Instamojo

Go on filling up the details. Now after mobile verification step, Instamojo will ask to create your name alias like In this place (shown with red color) write the name of your institution or coaching class.

Remember, this name will be displayed as your online identity after completing the registration process. After this step, you will be redirected to your dashboard.

Systematic dashboard of Instmojo for your own account.

Create Payment Links

Now to collect your fees under different heads or courses, or anything whatever you want, you need to create different payment links. For that click on the payment link button on your dashboard. You will be redirected to a page, where you will see following type of dialogue box.

Create your first payment link for a particular purpose

How to use payment link?

After creating the payment links as required, you simply have to place those links into your admission form page. While putting these links write particulars about each link, as suggested below.

After submitting the admission form, click here to pay your admission fees.

Important Note

If must have seen and clicked the “Trial” button on your Instamojo dashboard, you must have seen following dialogues.

But its quite ok. You can proceed further and supply the relevant information. Since you have already submitted your PAN Card number, then why hesitate, further…?

So with this discussion, we think that you will be able to create your own online identity and start collecting online fees.

We also suggest you to explore your dashboard on Instamojo. There are lots of more facilities to create your online presence….

Wish you all the best…!

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