12th Electronics Notes Paper-2 Bifocal Electronics (C2)

12th Electronics Notes Paper-2 Bifocal Electronics (C2)

The 12th electronics notes covers complete syllabus prescribed by HSC Board for Paper-1 i.e. Digital Electronics of 12th standard bifocal electronics (C2) subject. Chapterwise syllabus is given at the beginning, and full exercises including MCQ, short answer questions, long answer questions, conceptual study questions at the end.

The author of the notes is Prof. Dattaraj Vidyasagar, who is the long term veteran of bifocal and applied electronics subject. He has taught this subject to thousands of students since last 26 years.

The contents are as follows:

12th electronics notes

Paper-2, Digital Electronics Notes

  1. Number systems
  2. Logic gates
  3. Logic families
  4. Combinational logic circuits
  5. Flipflops
  6. Analog to digital and digital to analog converters
  7. Computer fundamentals

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