Complete list of colleges in Akola

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Following is the complete list of colleges in Akola district. Some of these colleges have attached senior college run under Amravati university and some of them are purely junior colleges.

Please note that these colleges may have plain PCMB group, vocational group like electronics, computer science, fisheries, electrical maintenance, scooter maintenance, etc.

  1. Shri Radhakisan Laxminarayan Toshniwal (RLT) science college, Akola – Visit website.
  2. Shri Shivaji Mahavidyalay, Akola
  3. Shri Laxmibai Radhakisan Toshniwal (LRT) Commerce college, Akola – Visit website
  4. Smt Sitabai Arts (SA) college Akola – Visit website
  5. Smt R.D.G. Women’s college, Akola – Visit website
  6. Sudhakarrao Naik Arts, Science college, Akola
  7. Umashakar Khetan commerce college, Akola
  8. Akola Arts, Commerce & Science Junior college, Akola
  9. Bharat Vidyalay, Akola
  10. Moharidevi Khandelwal Kanya Junior college, Akola
  11. N.V.V. Swavalambi Vidyalay, Akola
  12. Nutan Hindi Junior college, Akola
  13. Jagruti Vidyalay, Akola
  14. K. M. Asagar Hussain junior college, Akola
  15. New English junior college, Akola
  16. Tilak Rashtriya Saraswati junior college, Mothi Umari, Akola
  17. Jyoti Janorkar junior college, Akola
  18. Dr. Sushilabai Deshmukh Kanya junior college, Akola
  19. Prajakta Kanya junior college, Akola
  20. Pundalikrao Kale junior college, Khadki, Akola
  21. Saraswati Kanya junior college, Akola
  22. Jilha Parishad Agarkar junior college, Akola
  23. Adarsh junior college, Ratanlal plots, Akola
  24. Shri Dawale junior college, Umri, Akola
  25. Amreen Urdu junior college, Shiloda, Akola
  26. Sharda Junior college, Malkapur, Akola – G. Sci, Elect, Comp, FWFC – 9850368359; Visit website
  27. Shri Saraswati Mata junior college, Malkapur, Akola
  28. Smt Shakuntalabai Dhabekar junior college, Khadki, Akola
  29. Shahbabu Urdu junior college, Patur, Dist. Akola
  30. Millat Urdu Arts, Commerce & Science junior college, Akola
  31. Shri Samartha Vidnyan junior college, Akola – 9637137555
  32. National Vidnyan junior college, Akola
  33. Haji Mohammad Jafar Siddiki Urdu Arts college, Khadaan, Akola
  34. Rahebar junior college, Nayagaon, Akola
  35. Bhikamchand Khandelwal junior college, Dabki Road, Akola
  36. Mauli junior college, Dabki Road, Akola
  37. Hajrat-E-Aisha National Womens Urdu junior college, Akola
  38. Babasaheb Utangale junior college, Akola
  39. Mount Carmel Vidnyan Junior college, Akola
  40. Meherbanu junior college, Akola – Website:
  41. Gurunanak junior college, Sindhi Camp, Akola
  42. Jubilee junior college, Near Railway Station, Akola
  43. Dawale junior college, Akola
  44. Allah’s Abdul Majeed Urdu Arts, Commerce & Science junior college, Naygaon, Akola
  45. Abul Hassan Urdu Arts, Science junior college, Bhandpura, Kalyanwadi, Akola
  46. Sufa junior college of Shiloda, Dist. Akola
  47. Late Captain M T Ghaisas junior college, Akola
  48. Gayadevi Joshi junior college, Keshav Nagar, Akola
  49. Ma Anusuya Borkar Vidnyan Junior college, Akola
  50. Shantiniketan junior college, New Tapdia Nagar, Akola
  51. Julfeekar urdu junior college, Julfeekar Nagar, Akola
  52. Rahbar junior college of science & commerce, M.M.Road Firdous Colony Akola – 9860271952
If you still find some other colleges, which are not listed in this list, then please inform us on this link. It will help other visitors also.


This list is purely informational. We have taken maximum precaution for accuracy.
However, we do not take any responsibility related to its use.
We suggest you to please scrutinise with other sources, as well.

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