ATAL Tinkering Lab Project Submission

Important Notice for SOS Students
Download connection diagrams of your projects and start working on your project as explained by Vidyasagar Sir. Click here to download.


Vidyasagar Academy is starting Robotics Workshops and Short Term Courses with full practicals from 27th March, 2018 up to 10th June 2018.  Suitable timings (1-2 hours for each batch) from 10AM to 7PM are available.

  • Each Workshop/Short Term Course will continue upto 10 days.
  • Tested multipurpose practical kit with all necessary sensors and equipments will be given to each student.
  • Any student from 7th standard onwards can take admission to this course.
  • Each batch will contain limited seats.
  • Those who want to join, please register your name as early as possible, on this link.

Download the readymade files of today’s practical session, as given below:

  1. Single_Blinking_LED
  2. Multiple_LEDs_Blinking
  3. for_loop_example_program
  4. Forward_Backward_Motion

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Are you ready to work out on your ATL project task allotted to you by Prof. Dattaraj Vidyasagar Sir?

Ok! Then let us begin…!
Read the following instructions very carefully!

Visit the following links readily made available by Vidyasagar Sir, and collect the required information. After collecting the information, copy-paste it into your project_name.docx MS Word File.

Once ready with your MS Word file, save it and upload the file on this website, by filling up the form on this link (to fill up this form you must sign in to your gmail account).

That’s all…!

When the file is uploaded your first task is over…!

Special Event for SOS, Akola Students
Our project work will start from 25th February, 2018 at 6PM sharp at Vidyasagar Academy. All the participants must attend it.
Bring one copy book, pen, pencil and pen drive.
You will get complete guidelines of coding and programming part of Arduino, which we shall use in your project.
Register your name for this event by clicking following button. Every student who is participating in project event, must register.
Register Now!

Visit EVENT PAGE after two days to receive the new task. If you have any doubts or queries to ask, contact Vidyasagar Sir.