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Read the following points carefully. We are very serious about plagiarism and copyrights, in particular.

Terms of using our website

Please read the following legal terms & conditions of using this website, very carefully before you start using any of its published material. This page includes information about us and the terms, on which you may use it. The term website refers to this website of Vidyasagar Academy and our online store i.e. http://vsagar.org/. Hereinafter, consider the term ‘we’ as the term used for our  above said websites and/or for Vidyasagar Academy and the faculties who may publish references/books/downloads, etc. either as FREE or as saleable products on this website.

Conditions for accessing Our Website

We allow a visitor to access our website only on temporary basis. Vidyasagar Academy reserves the right to withdraw or amend or modify the website and the contents therein, at any time, without prior notice to our visitors or users of this website. We are free to do so, for any reason whatsoever. We also do not consider it to be necessary to give any reason for doing such modification(s), amendment(s) and/or withdraw the website, itself (just may be a chance, once in a Blue Moon!).

Since we constantly work hard for quality issues of Vidyasagar Academy, our website and/or a part of Vidyasagar Academy, may be temporarily unavailable at any time or for any period, during server level configurations and/or coding, design management. We may also disable any user/visitor’s access to this website; block a particular IP, without notice if we feel it to be appropriate.

Thus, if you agree these conditions then please continue using this website. If you disagree with the terms of use for whatsoever reason, please stop using our website and we suggest not to download our free downloads.

Conditions for using our free downloads

We provide free downloads on “as-is” basis. We reserve the right either to communicate or not to regarding our free downloads. However we take great precaution to provide you authentic study material and trouble free downloads.

Our free downloads are completely Shareware types of downloads. You can share them with your friends and colleagues, share them on your social network and even share them on your website or blog, but with proper courtesy to Vidyasagar Academy by providing relevant download link from our website, only.

Sometimes the download link(s) may not work. For that we suggest you to refresh the page and try once again. Even if the problem continues then contact us giving full details of page, date and your browser details. Our team of technical experts may look into the matter and help you.

Conditions to Purchase & Use our Product

Be careful to write your full name and correct postal address as well as email address and contact number also.

We sale all our paid products on NO RETURN, NO REFUND BASIS.

When you purchase our physical product, we dispatch it through courier on the same day (excluding Sundays & Holidays). It should reach to you within 6-8 days (maximum).

If you reject the parcel (due to whatever reasons) or your address is not traceble by the courier boy, the parcel will be returned to us. But your payment will not be refunded. In such case, we shall contact you to provide alternative address where the parcel can be delivered again. And for this reshipping, you will have to pay only the shipping charges again on this link.

Once shipping repayment is received, we shall send the same parcel (neatly packed again) on your same address or changed address (you can change the address during repayment of shipping charges).

 Please note that when our courier serivce website (as per tracking history of your parcel) declares that the parcel is delivered to you, your purchase case will be closed.

There will be no further communication regarding the purchase of that product, what-so-ever!

When you receive the parcel, you are most welcome to ask us relevant difficulties during your study while using our notes, distance learning courses material, etc. For that you can contact us. We shall try our level best to help you.

For downloadable products, when you make payment the direct download link of that product is visible to you and you can download it. Such downloadable products are not refundable. However, we will help you if you come across downloading issue, due to any technical reason. You can contact us if you can’t download the product after purchase. We shall send you another download link of the same product at the earliest.

We sale our products like notes, study material, question papers, practical booklets, solved/unsolved question papers, test papers, books, xeroxed material, video lecture CDs/DVDs or any such educational related material either in the form of digital product or hard copies i.e. printed material or experimental kits, robotics kits spare parts or any such hardware.

We sale above mentioned material either online through this website or offline without using this website through our physically present store at the geographical location of Vidyasagar Academy.

We sale all the above mentioned products on “no return” basis. So before purchasing any of these products, be careful to read all the information given on the product page. Once you deposit payment in our back account to purchase the product, the product will be shipped on your given address. Our courier people of course, take care to deliver the product safely and in good condition.

When the product is shipped, the entire control goes in the hands of courier people and that we will not be responsible for any delay due to any unforeseen physical or celestial causes.

We try to ship the product through our hired courier service on the same date of your payment, if your payment is done before 5PM on that day. If the payment is done after this specified time, your purchased product will be shipped on the next business day i.e excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Gazetted holidays declared in India.

Please also note that the designs of cover pages of all products and/or the relevant photographs may change from time to time. The actual book or notes or any other product that you may receive after placing order, may have different design of cover page. BUT THE CONTENTS IN IT WILL REMAIN THE SAME.

Intellectual Property Rights

We own or are authorized to use all of the intellectual property rights in our website http://vsagar.org/, the products (either paid or free) published by Vidyasagar Academy. This includes but is not limited to copyright in the materials published on this website. We reserve all the rights in relation to any copyright material published on the website.

All the tutorials and material published and presented on this website, including text, graphics and images is the copyright or similar rights of Vidyasagar Academy representing Vidyasagar Academy, unless otherwise expressly specified.

Any statutory rights you have, to print or download are strictly limited to your own personal use and you must not use any part of the material available through Vidyasagar Academy for any commercial purpose or gain. You must not amend, modify, reproduce or copy any of our FREE or PAID material/product, without prior permission of Vidyasagar Academy. We reserve the right either to give or reject the permissions for any of your such relevant request.

Purpose and Use of Our Website

All the free articles, informative topics, tutorials, practical guidelines, videos, downloads available on Vidyasagar Academy are intended to provide you with general information only. The team of Vidyasagar Academy takes every effort to make this material accurate, but the material may not be a substitute for professional advice.

All the FREE and PAID material contained and presented on the website and/or products of Vidyasagar Academy, including but not limited to text and graphics is the copyright of Vidyasagar Academy and you should not use the material appearing on this website/product(s) for any commercial purposes whatsoever.

We do not represent nor make any warranty in respect of the accuracy, reliability or continuous supply of any of the information presented on through the website/products of Vidyasagar Academy. The information contained within the FREE material (which is accessible, as explained above) on Vidyasagar Academy is only for general information and applications and is not intended to address your particular difficulty or requirement.

We cannot and do not offer any specific advice or solutions to your individual circumstances (excluding the clients and students of Vidyasagar Academy) but you are encouraged to consult other technical resources or professional advice for any additional information or clarification.

Contents of our website

All the information provided on our website is “as-is”. Our team at Vidyasagar Academy update our website regularly and may make changes to the content at any time. Although we aim to keep the tutorials and material appearing on our website accurate and “up-to-date” with regards to current Indian educational standards, trends and strategies, we are under no obligation to do so and therefore cannot guarantee that it will be accurate, up to date or complete. Any of the tutorials or information presented on our website/product may be “out-of-date” at any given time. Any reliance you place upon any material/product appearing on our website will be at your own risk. We reserve the right, in its sole discretion, but without any obligation, to make amendments or improvements to or withdraw or correct any error or omission in any portion of the material without notice.

Hyper-linking to Vidyasagar Academy

You may hyperlink to our home page or any other pages from a website owned or operated by you, or from any social network, provided that your website or the social network thereof, does not contain any offensive, unlawful, indecent, adult or inappropriate material. You may also hyperlink to our home page or any individual page or image(s) or such material thereof, provided that your hyper-linking is fair, legal and does not damage our reputation or take advantage of it.

You must not establish a link in such a way as to suggest any form of association, approval or endorsement on our part. You are always welcome (and even we encourage to do so) to use short quotes or passages from Vidyasagar Academy in your website, articles, blogs or even advertisements, as long as proper credit is given in the form of a full URL hyperlink to the used tutorial, material, video, etc. You must not use cloaking techniques such as: “rel=nofollow” that try to hide such credits from search engines. Please quote linked content or material exactly, thank you in advance for the same.

You must not use frames such as the “IFRAME” tag when hyper-linking to content on Vidyasagar Academy as that will hide the original URL details in the browsers address bar or any other framing method on any other website.

If you would like to place a link to our site Vidyasagar Academy, on your own website, please feel free to use one of the following styles as given below:

<a href=”http://vsagar.org/”>Vidyasagar Academy</a> – Plain link

For image link, you must use the logo of Vidyasagar Academy. You can reduce its size upto 150px x 150px.

These images and links given above, must be used as presented. You must not alter the images in any way whatsoever; link them to any other URL or website that implies any association or affiliation with us. We reserve the right at all times to withdraw our link permission.

Third Party Websites

We have no control over external websites that link to us or the content provided by these websites. We do not endorse these websites and we are not responsible for the content or accuracy of those external websites that link back to us. However, to the best of our ability we will ensure that these other external websites that link to us are relevant to our sites content and visitors experience and that they do not contain any offensive, indecent, unlawful, offensive, adult or inappropriate material.

Illegal use, Copying and Copyright Violation

We take plagiarism very seriously and if we discover a website, article or blog republishing our tutorials or our website contents illegally or without our prior permission, and/or damaging our reputation, we will file a formal DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)complaint with their advertising partners such as Google Adsense, Yahoo, Blogger or else and to the abuse department of their web hosting company also. So be warned about notice.

Policy Amendments

We reserve the right to make changes to our terms and conditions from time to time. Any amendments or updates we may make to these terms and conditions (either on this page or else on Vidyasagar Academy) will be posted on this page. We advise you to check this page regularly to ensure that you are sure with any of the changes that have been made.

Contact Us in case of any query

If you have any questions, queries or concerns regarding these terms and conditions, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks for reading this page.

With regards,

– Vidyasagar Academy

This page is updated on: 12 March, 2019