12th Computer Science (D9) Complete Notes

12th Standard Computer Science (D9) Notes

These notes are written by the expert teacher Prof. Haroon Syed of RLT College of Science. He has the long term experience of teaching this subject in juinor college. He is also the member of BOS of this subject.

Easy to learn. Designed as per revised syllabus!

Download the revised syllabus of 11th standard computer science & 12th standard computer science.

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12th Standard Computer Science (D9) Video Lectures

We are also working on the video lectures for the students of 11th & 12th bifocal computer science. These lectures are being delivered by our expert faculty in electronics and robotics, Prof. Dattaraj Vidyasagar.

The lectures are being prepared with the references to the notes. We recommend to purchase our 11th-12th bifocal computer science complete study material.

This will help you understand the topics clearly and easily. However, currently the study material is available. The video lectures will be available soon. In the meantime, you can purchase the study material first.