12th bifocal electronics: Conceptual study questions, Chapter 3

These are the conceptual study questions to enrich your GK of 12th standard bifocal electronics subject. These questions will definitely compel you to think logically and to study the relevant chapter to understand the logic behind each of the question.

Conceptual study questions on Chapter 3, Transducers

  1. How we can use a loudspeaker as a microphone? Is it possible? Explain your answer with proper reasoning.
  2. Why it is not recommended to use a PTC type of thermistor in a temperature measurement system like measuring body temperature of a patient? Explain.
  3. Can we use LDR to measure the intensity of infrared radiations? Explain your answer with reasoning.
  4. Suppose in a kitchen, domestic LPG gas cylinder has some leakage. During this leakage a false odour is detected. But why gas sensing is not possible directly through air? It means that why we cannot detect the presence of a particular gas in surrounding air directly?
  5. Can we use a general purpose transistor as a photo sensitive device? How?
  6. Suppose we have one small DC motor. We know that it works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. When supply is connected to it, it rotates. Now can we use this same motor as a transducer to measure the angular velocity? How?

We suggest you to read the chapter Study of Integrated Circuits – Paper 1 and then try to solve these questions. If you have any doubt or queries about it, don’t hesitate to contact us at this link. You can view and study the chapter at this link.

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