11th Electronics Notes Set (Subject: C2)

Complete set of 11th electronics notes

The study of 11th electronics syllabus is very important in order to understand the entire syllabus of 12th electronics. But it is a tragedy that many students and even teachers ignore about its preparation.

The author of these notes Prof. Dattaraj Vidyasagar, says that without the basic knowledge and conceptual study in 11th electronics, the student cannot grasp the vast syllabus of 12th electronics.

11th electronics notes

Clear up your basic concepts in 11th standard electronics and achieve best marks in HSC Board Examination of 12th Standard Electronics. Don’t ignore these notes! They will help you in your higher education also…!

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So we insist to purchase this set of notes along with the complete set of 12th electronics notes also. If you purchase both the sets of 11th & 12th electronics then you will get examination season discount. The author has written this complete study material for 11th standard electronics as follows:

Main Notes: Fundamentals of Electronics

These notes contain following important chapters to create a good base for 12th standard electronics syllabus. There are 8 chapters in this notes:
1) Fundamentals of Electricity
2) Mesh Analysis & Network Theorems
3) Electromagnetism & Electrostatics
4) Laboratory Instruments
5) Study of Components
6) Semiconductors & Diodes
7) Bipolar & Unipolar Transistors
8) Study of Oscillators

Solved Unsolved Problems Booklet

This booklet covers all important numerical problems to create a good platform of understanding of basic concepts. This booklet also help the student understand basic units conversion, basic important formulae, and relevant concepts.

Practical Electronics Booklet

In this booklet basic experiments and their complete theoretical approach is given. When the student performs these experiments (in the college laboratory), he/she will understand the subject very deeply.

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Complete set of 12th standard electronics notes

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