Online Tests 11-12th Electronics

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11th Electronics Tests

  1. Basic Electronics
  2. Diodes & Semiconductors

12th Electronics Chapter Wise Tests

Paper-1 Applied Electronics Tests

  1. Chapter-1: Laboratory Instruments
  2. Chapter-2: Power Supplies
  3. Chapter-3: Transducers
  4. Chapter-4: Operational Amplifiers
  5. Chapter-5: Modern Electronics Communication
  6. Chapter-6: Study of Integrated Circuits

Paper-2 Digital Electronics Tests

  1. Chapter-1: Number Systems
  2. Chapter-2: Logic Gates
  3. Chapter-3: Logic Families
  4. Chapter-4: Combinational Logic Circuits
  5. Chapter-5: Flip-flops, Registers & Counters
  6. Chapter-6: Analog-Digital & Digital-Analog Conversion
  7. Chapter-7: Computer Fundamentals

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