What is the meaning of Bifocal term in vocational courses? What are the advantages of these courses?

There could be different derivations of the meanings of BIFOCAL term used related to the courses of vocational stream like bifocal electronicsbifocal computer science, etc. One meaning of bifocal can be derived like giving a student, the opportunity to study this course for knowledge enrichment in the field of applied science and also after completing this course, the student becomes rather confident to start up his own vocation. Vishal Waykule, a long term teacher of bifocal stream, currently working as lecturer@P.N.M.V, Pusad, Dist. Yeotmal, Maharashtra, explains in details.

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Vidyasagar sir's notes

The meaning of bifocal is, the same thing with another vision, or dual purpose. So in our case also the same thing, because this subject is related with vocational electronics & so we can say that, bifocal electronics is another vision of it. And vocational electronics is for business or employment purpose and this bifocal electronics is for getting the basic knowledge, which is another vision or purpose. And hence the named as bifocal.

What is bifocal electronics?

In today’s modern world the changes are occurring very fast. The changes that are occurring in everything & everywhere around us are of course by the virtue of science. Therefore the things or resources around us are becoming easier, fast, reliable, durable & comparatively cheaper in rate. The science has changed every aspect of our life. So if we discussed the miracles of science the list will be in thousands in numbers.

Now as per the electronics is concerned, it has brought the tremendous changes in whole world & have a great impact on us which can be seen in our daily life routine right from wake-up in morning up to get on the bed at night. How? Let us take one look on it.

We wake-up in the morning by ringing alarm in the mobile phone. Get the fresh bath quickly with hot water from instant water heater. Have a delicious fast-food at home by cooking in microwave oven, just finish it & get ready for the office.

Have an impressive look by wearing ironed cloths, just sit on the bike, self start the bike and reach the workplace on sharp time. Get the cool & fresh air in the office from fans. Make a mood on evening and throw your tiredness away and relax yourself by listening a soft music on CD player, also rock on the beats at night with friends and family members. Update yourself what happened around you just by pressing one button on the remote & watching the news on television.

Close the whole world in your hand just by clicking the mouse, on the internet. After a great dinner at night, go to bed after wishing & saying good night to your loved ones which are hundreds of km. away, by calling on the phone. Now get a cool sleep with sweet dreams in the cool breeze of coolers & ACs. And the next day this luxurious life continues.

If we consider the above discussion we will find that, the things or devices that we are using, are mostly the electronic or electrical, like mobile, TV, microwave oven, computer etc. and we have discussed above are only the general and essential things without which we cannot even imagine our daily routine life.

Now if we asked the question that, what makes the things better? And the answer will be simply “the electronics”. But now, another question arises in our mind is that what makes it possible to happen in these devices? And it’s answer is “the electron”, hence the name “electronics”.

Thus all things are possible due to the movement or the flow of electrons within the material. It seems like to be the whole world is shrinking in the small tiny particle “the electron”, which is present in every matter or material present in the nature.

Again there is another world of 0’s and 1’s which is dominating very fast the Digital electronics. As 0 & 1 are the digits, hence the name digital electronics. And by the virtue of this technology, the electronic devices are becoming smaller and smaller with better reliability & same strength or capability.

What is the need?

In this way from the above discussion it is now cleared that the electronics has the great importance in our life & hence it is most important necessity and unavoidable part of life, such that even a Beggar can not do his duty without a mobile phone!

Thus due to such great importance, increasing popularity and use of electronics it has now became necessary to have the minimum or basic knowledge of it. One of the best way of getting this knowledge is the great start from the students or new comers.

Therefore MAHARASHTRA STATE BOARD OF SECONDARY & HIGHER SECONDARY EDUCATION has designed a syllabus in such a way that, the student can get the necessary information, knowledge and overall idea about this electronic world and introduced a subject “BIFOCAL ELECTRONICS”. This subject is elective or optional subject for Biology and Marathi/Hindi/Sanskrit, in 11th standard for the students of science.

What to study in this subject?

This subject is divided into four parts as follows…

  • Basic Fundamentals (11th class)
  • Semiconductor (11th class)
  • Applied Electronics (12th class)
  • Digital Electronics (12th class)
  • Basic Fundamentals

In this subject students can understand what is Electricity? How it is generated? What is mean by circuit? What is current, voltage, etc., the basic factors, components and quantities & their effect in the circuits.


In this subject students can understand the important concepts in semiconductor technology. What is semiconductor? What are the semiconductor materials & components?  The very important factor or material in semiconductor is silicon means nothing but our sand that we see everywhere around us, believe it or not!

Also study about the latest CMOS technology which is used in mobiles, computers etc. the integrated circuits. Printed circuit boards etc.

Applied electronics

In this subject students will study the use of basic instruments like oscilloscope, function generator etc., the basic communication system, mobile communication, network communication, power supplies, various ICs etc.

Digital electronics

As the world is going through the digital revolution this subject is important & this subject will give the basic idea about the digital circuits, its basic concepts and elements. How the digital circuit works, which are the basic digital ICs, what is memory etc. can be studied in this subject. In this way, these four parts will give the complete idea about the electronic world.

To know more about the syllabi of the trade and subject, you can download the syllabus of vocational electronics.


In general the students of 11th science can apply for this subject. But before selecting this subject the students must understand the following things very carefully.

The very first thing is that, if the student wants to select this subject, he/she must be admitted to the college or institute where this subject or teaching facility for this subject is available. Because, this subject is not always available in every college or institution.

Second important thing is that, as this subject is optional or elective for Marathi/Hindi/Sanskrit and Biology (Botany & Zoology), the biological field will be completely closed for them after 12th class i.e. for graduation. And they will be eligible for the technical or technological fields only i.e. Non-biological fields.

It must be understand that, this subject is not for repair & maintenance purpose. The aim of this subject is to get the essential knowledge & overall idea about the electronics around us and to be familiar with the modern electronics.

Now by considering above things any student of 11th science can apply for this subject, specially the students who have decided or  want to go for Engineering, polytechnic & B.Sc. with electronics related branch or subject after 12th.


Marking scheme for practical exam (two years)


What are the advantages?

One of the most and biggest advantage is that the student will get the sufficient essential knowledge about the electronics around us with which we deal in our daily life.

This subject will be 100% beneficial for the students of B.E., Polytechnic, B.Sc. in future i.e. after 12th for the branches or subjects related with Electronics & Electrical 50% to 60% syllabus from this subject will reappear in the Computer science Engg. & I.T. Engg. in various subjects.

Whatever may be the branch 40% to 50% syllabus will reappear in 1st year of Engg. in subjects like physics and electrical technology.

As most of the basic concepts of electronics are covered, it will helpful for constructing any module or unit related with electronics for project in final year of Engg. or B.Sc.

As this subject is not for maintenance & repairing purpose, but  students interested in this subject may be able to detect the faults in the house-hold or general electronics.


Vocational Electronics or other Vocational subjects are business oriented courses to have the self employment. Means, by studying this subject one can be able to do his business by repairing the devices. In this way this subject is for repair & maintenance purpose. Thus vocational electronics is one of the courses of M.C.V.C.(higher secondary certificate vocational). There are number of courses in this field and the further details can be found on the following link.

You can also learn about “Ten important facts that you must know about bifocal vocational electronics“.

Important Website for bifocal students: http://www.dvet.gov.in/

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