Web development training in Akola: starting new courses in Akola

Web Designing Courses

Vidyasagar Academy Akola is the only institute in Vidarbha where we teach the untold facts, tips and tricks of web designing. We conduct two types of courses in Web Designing.


  • Short term and real practical courses of Web Designing in Akola.
  • Achieve best skills in web designing.
  • Learn the untold facts, tips and tricks of modern web designing.
  • Design your own beautiful website just within 10 days of starting of the course.
  • Due to huge demand from lots of people and students, we have revised our course syllabi.
  • Now there are two courses in Web Designing: Basic Course and Advanced Course


  • Maximum 5 students per batch
  • We shall solve all your difficulties within the course limit, upto your own satisfaction
  • Full practicals no boring theory 
  • Daily 01-02 hour training
  • Available timings: 4PM to 5:30PM daily, Sunday Closed
  • Basic & Advanced Course Duration: 20 days each
  • Complete notes with lots of downloaded resources, which will be given in your pen drive
  • Compulsory daily homework
  • Develop your best skills in web designing and programming within 10/20 days


  1. 10th standard passed or higher
  2. Good knowledge of English – speaking and writing – important!
  3. Good keyboard typing  – can be improved in course!
  4. You must have your own computer/laptop at home – important!
  5. One pen drive – 2GB minimum – important!
  6. Good speed internet connectivity at home to do daily homework – important!
  7. You must have one GMAIL ACCOUNT. Don’t have it? Create right now!
  8. One copybook, any type of smart phone
  9. Finally regularity, sincerity and punctuality while learning the course, will make all the difference. Doing homework properly – there is no excuse, if you don’t do the homework…!


  • Introduction to WWW – World Wide Web, HTTP & FTP protocols
  • Basic HTML, Java and their use in simple web pages
  • Introduction to WordPress (WP)
  • Basics Style Sheets (CSS), decorating your web pages
  • Basics of social networking
  • Understanding the basics of integrating social media with your website
  • Basic idea of Schema – How to create rich snippets in Google search pages
  • How to create Gravatar? – understanding its importance in internet world
  • Understanding brand new concepts of WWW and Google
  • Full practical sessions, live sessions while teaching and in practicals

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  • Basic PHP, brief idea of basic programming
  • Understanding Dashboard of WP, basic setup, permalink structure, creating users, tags, categories, uploading media, using plugins, uploading and downloading XML files of WP
  • Creating posts, pages, testimonials – understanding their hierarchical importance in web development in terms of SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
  • Creating widgets, customising appearance of your website
  • How to do hyperlinking, conditional hyperlinking, query in hyperlinks
  • Use of forms – Gravity, Formidable Pro, WP forms
  • Brief introduction to SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – how to achieve best search ranking in Google search
  • Social networking – how to link your web pages with social networks to attract large traffic to your website
  • Training of WordPress with world class licensed applications & themes like THESIS, THEMEDY, WPTHESISSKINS, GRAVITY, FORMIDABLE PRO, WOOCOMMERCE, and more.

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    Total Fees: Rs.5000half instalment at the time of admission
    Total Fees: Rs.10,000half instalment at the time of admission

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Important Note

We teach the student upto the development of website and its related part of SEO. It is the responsibility of the student to practice hard after completion of the course, and build his/her own tips and tricks to achieve more skill in web designing.
Though our number of students have secured job or started their own profession in this field, we don’t guarantee about your job absorption in a firm or company.
We suggest to read the contents of our syllabus given above and ask that company or firm, whether or not this syllabus will be applicable to the company’s requirements.

This page updated on: 31.12.2016