Vidyasagar Academy now accepts payment through Paytm also

We are pleased to inform you that Vidyasagar Academy now accepts your payment through Paytm for the purchase of our 11-12th electronics study material or distance courses. We have prepared our Paytm account to receive your payment on our mobile number: 99-60-991-991. This is now the registered number of Vidyasagar Academy and you can safely pay the amount on this number through Paytm.

To buy our study material, you will have to place your order first. Visit this link and fill up the order form and then pay the amount on our mobile number 99-60-991-991 through Paytm.

For that download the Paytm app on your smart phone and follow the instructions given in the following images to pay.

To pay us, simply click on this button and follow the instructions on next page

Follow these instructions to pay. Type the details and send your money on our mobile phone

Please remember, to pay us, you need to have enough balance in your Paytm account. For more instruction, how to use Paytm on your smart phone, visit this link.