Tejas Hatwalne


Excellent classes for Robotics… I am very Satisfied about it… We can get whole knowledge about robotics… Very very Thank you sir.


Harshad Dabhade


It is an excellent club of robotics guided by one of the best sir D.S.Vidyasagar. Here at every step I found solutions of my difficulties with proper direction. It helps me in finding out my potential . It widens my region of imagenation and boost my thinking process. I have been enjoying to be a student of Vidyasagar sir.

Pravin Savant

Pravin Sawant


It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to interact with Prof. Vidyasagar. Apart from the excellent study material which is extremely helpful for quality preparations, the overall approach by respected Professor has been quite positive. We do hope, like us many students will continue to benefit from his guidance, across the globe.


Pawan Nemade


Excellent!! This is the Perfect Institute For Electronics and Robotics.Its very usefull for technology and Robots. Great Academy!


Atharv Hardas


Best Institude for Robotics and also for Vocational Electronics & under the guidance of Vidyasagar
Sir. I am recently completed my robotics second level & also studying Electronics at Vidyasagar Academy, Akola


Atharv Bodhankar


This site is the one of the best site I have been visited . It is very useful for the students of 11th ,12th & similarly for students of robotics. This site is very useful for advanced technology & I am glad to say that I am a student of Prof .Vidyasagar sir.


Ketaki Wadshingikar


This is the best institute ever in Akola. Students have gotten a very good opportunity to develop their knowledge about modern technology. Thank you Vidyasagar Sir for this great institute.


Yash Jain


This academy is the best Academy related to Basics & Advanced electronics. And vidhyasagar Sir is very helping , caring and having very cristal & clear Basics of modern electronics.Thank Vidyasagar Academy.
Vidhyasagar Sir it’s pleasure connecting to you. Feeling lucky that you have given us your precious time and helped us in our difficult time by sorting out our difficulties very fastly, giving us very clear and cristal view towards our basics.Thanks a lot.


Vishal Waykule

The easy and best way to get the knowledge of latest technology and electronics. This institute is nothing but the foundational base for the juniors in electronics,specifically for the hobbyists.
Thank you very much sir for your great efforts so that one can easily become the master of electronics.

Yash Boura

Online Student
Wow.. It really helped me in saving my time in Evs project..looking forward to use this site again. Thanks!