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12th Electronics Video Lectures: Instruments, Chapter 1

Video lecture on INSTRUMENTS for the students of 12th electronics. This lecture covers complete chapter. Refer our notes of 12th electronics, while watching this video. Click here to purchase the notes. Click here to subscribe to our free newsletter. So that you can receive ALERT about new video lectures when we upload them on this website […] Read More

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How to download any video from youtube for FREE?

Follow the below given steps to start your free downloading. It really works! Go to Search your required video. Click on the video and let it start. Now go to the address bar of your browser. You will find the link of your video in it. One example is given below. Select "https://www.” […] Read More

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12th bifocal vocational electronics notes & video lectures

Contents: 11th & 12th bifocal vocational electronics notes, 12th bifocal electronics notes, 12th class bifocal electronics, 12th standard bifocal vocational electronics Our 11th & 12th Bifocal Electronics Complete Study Material (Notes) are most popular since the year 2000 among students and teachers, as well. Every year we update them as per the minor/major changes done by the […] Read More

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How NPN transistor works-2

Transistor is a semiconductor device having three layers, three terminals and two junctions. Since we have only two types of semiconductors i.e. the p-type and n-type, there are two types of transistors: they are NPN transistor and PNP transistor. It is named as transistor which is an acronym of two terms: “transfer-of-resistor.” It means that […] Read More

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