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short term robotics courses in akola

obstacle avoider robot using Ultrasonic Sensor

This is the program of “simple obstacle avoider robot using ultrasonic sensor“. This program is designed for ATMega16 microcontroller.

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user defined functions

Vidyasagar Academy has designed one simple technique to program your robot using simple coding shortcuts. These shortcuts are called as User Defined Functions.

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The purpose of writing this post “How to run AVR Studio 4 in Windows 8.1 or higher operating system?“, is because our students were always facing this problem of running AVR Studio 4 in Windows 8.1 or higher versions of Windows. Now the problem is solved. Follow the procedure as given below:

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Use this .dll file to run AVR Studio 4 in Windows 8.1 or higher versions of MS Windows. Please read the procedure using this file in this article.

If you have enough practice of working with ATMega16, then you can use these Pololu codes for your own robotic kit. Some hardware modifications are necessary in your ATMega8/16/32 robotic kit, but these codes given here are fully tested with these hardware.

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Robotics education in Akola is now possible! We provide the best education in basic and advanced robotics at Vidyasagar Academy, Akola. It has already gone viral and many students have taken advantage of our short term robotic courses (3-6 days maximum).

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The Robotics Study Club run under Vidyasagar Academy, recently conducted Robotics Competition at Jubilee English CBSE School, Kumbhari. The students from 8-9th standard who already learnt our fundamental course in robotics, participated in this competition.

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तुम्ही शाळेत/कॉलेजात शिकत आहात का…? आणि remote control च्या खेळण्यासोबत खेळत असता का किंवा खेळले आहात का…? मग हे वाचाच…! Remote control ने चालणाऱ्या खेळण्याला ‘ बुद्धी ’ असते का…? नाही ना…!? ते खेळणे तुमच्या बुद्धीवर किंवा कौशल्यावर नियंत्रित होत असते. तुम्ही जसे चालवाल तसे ते चालते. समजा तुमच्या जवळ एक remote controlled कार आहे Read More

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Name of the project: Accidents avoider on U-turns in mountainous area Abstract I worked on this project to avoid road accidents because, in our country most of the death of youth is in Mountainous area and specially on U-turn so to avoid accidents and to save life of peoples I do this project. The special Read More

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According to the HSC board rules and regulations, you have to submit a project in 12th standard electronics, which carries 40 marks. Read more about the complete marking scheme of 12th electronics, on this link. Please understand the efforts behind our free downloads. So we request you to write Google Review about Vidyasagar Academy! Write Read More

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