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complete details of IC555

IC555 head or tail toss project circuit

IC 555 Head or Tail Project

This is a very interesting circuit of IC 555 Head or Tail Project. It uses a simple trick that if we break the charging path of the timing capacitor in AMV circuit using IC 555, then the output condition of the circuit remains locked in a particular state. Working First note that the circuit uses PUSH Read More

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This is the circuit of IC555 Fuse indicator cum pilot lamp. You can use this circuit for mini project application in your school or college. The circuit is very simple to construct and uses simple trick that whenever, the external capacitor C1 is fully charged the output of the IC remains LOW, but when the fuse Read More

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Pin configuration of ic555

Pin Configuration & Function of IC 555 Have you checked our most popular mini projects using IC555? Simple mini projects for your school & college level project submission. Pin-1, GROUND: It is the GROUND PIN of the IC. The negative terminal of DC power supply or battery is connected to this pin. Here note that Read More

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