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12th electronics

Success in HSC Bifocal Electronics Exam

This article of “Best tips and guidelines for latecomer students of 12th standard” is for the students who think that…

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This post is for the students of bifocal electronics for Understanding RS Flip Flops using NOR & NAND Gates. The RS Flip Flop using NOR gates is generally used in all types of flip flop circuits explanation because its first state is the N/C i.e. no change state.

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Basic tutorials De Morgan Theorems

Understanding De Morgan’s Theorems is very easy. If you learn them step-by-step, then you can grasp the complete understanding of the theorems.

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In this post I am presenting the lecture on “Understanding the Full Adder circuit using animated circuit“. The full adder circuit using logic gates is a combination of basic logic gates. It uses two half adder circuits connected one after another, as shown below. Using this circuit, we can add three binary digits at a time.

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I have meticulously worked on this paper by studying last 5 years HSC Board question papers of electronics and come up with this paper.