Shridhar Rode’s Make in India Project: Accidents avoider on U turns

Name of the project: Accidents avoider on U-turns in mountainous area


I worked on this project to avoid road accidents because, in our country most of the death of youth is in Mountainous area and specially on U-turn so to avoid accidents and to save life of peoples I do this project.

The special Project is based around the development of a U-turn  either on a ground level road or in Mountainous area. This report deals with the development of the sensing and control system to avoid road accidents on U-turn in mountainous area.

In this project I used Microcontroller ATMega8 and Ultrasonic sensor. The project was a success, in that the sensing and control system met the specifications given.

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Project images


The top view of model for the project

Shridhar Rode's MII Project

The side view showing the U turn in mountainous area