SEO untold facts, tips & tricks about WordPress Part-4

The SEO untold facts, tips & tricks about WordPress is a series of articles I am specially writing for beginners. I have been using WordPress for my number of sites, since more than 10 years. Here I am sharing a number of untold facts, tricks and tips – fully time tested…! Please note, I’m not a expert programmer or an expert code geek, but what I’m sharing here will surely help the beginners…!

– Dattaraj Vidyasagar

Creating SEO friendly pages & categories Real SEO!

In order to create a great Google search result, like the one given below, follow these instructions. They will help you build great, attractive and decent website.

SEO untold facts, tips & tricks about WordPress
Vidyasagar Academy Akola Google search result
(Click to enlarge)

Remember, creating just a colorful website, doesn’t mean that you can attract traffic to your website. Visitors are not fool. Google, too, is not fool, actually Google is the cleverest of all! Respect its great service to all of us!

If, and only if, you have outstanding content, systematically written articles, and the like, then only you can attract traffic.

Such environment will be responsible to give you following results:

  1. The bounce rate of your website, in Google Analytics, will reduce – which is a good sign. The larger is the bounce rate the lower is the quality content of your website. I shall discuss about this later on, in this series of SEO untold facts, tips & tricks about WordPress.
  2. Whenever people Google search about your website the search results will be systematically displayed – it’s your very first impression, before the visitor visits your site.
  3. I will recommend one great SEO friendly plugin for enriching your Google search results. Use Schema – by HeshamPlugin Author. Install this plugin in your WP dashboard, go to its setting page and then customize it properly. That’s it!
  4. Ok, then! With this we come to our next part of creating SEO friendly pages and categories.
  5. First chalk down the details, as to how you want to arrange this. The names of the categories, sub categories, and then pages including some routine pages like Contact, Home, Blog, etc. – later two pages you will need if you are going to create a customized home page and blog page separately for your website.
  6. Next is the author page. Give title as your name to this page and write your details in it. Again, I will suggest, don’t bluff! Be sincere! Write in brief and to the point. Don’t forget to write in MS Word with H2, H3, H4 styles of headings. Googlebots just loves such neatly distributed information!
  7. Now if you look at the above image, which is the search result of Google for our Vidyasagar Academy Akola, you will see that the pages and categories are systematically displayed.
  8. As far as I observed, I found that generally Google gives priority to categories and then to pages, which you can see clearly in the above image.
  9. The titles of your pages and categories to be displayed in Google search, as above, must be short.
  10. Don’t forget to write meta name, meta description, keywords and to include the featured image, as per the scope of the theme which you selected for your website.
  11. Remember that meta name should not be great than 110 characters, meta description not greater than 150 characters.
  12. Also write relevant keywords. Don’t repeat them by altering the sequence of words used in them.
  13. Don’t populate with large number of keywords, be specific and to the point.
  14. Also don’t be lazy and don’t write nonsense description of all pages and categories – this is extremely important. Write and rewrite the description which should appeal to the reader. It must create complete relevancy with your keywords, as well.
  15. This is because Google has shown your site link relevant to the keyword which the people were searching for. Don’t consider the people as fools! They are so clever. Before clicking on your link they surely read the title and description. Here if you can impress them, if it appears to be appealing then only you will get a click, otherwise the people will scroll down the search result page.

Tip for beginners: In short, be sincere, to the point while writing your stuff. Don’t think about SEO while writing – it would be an utter digression of your line of thinking. Just write down what you want to publish, save it in draft mode. After some time read it again! Now you will surely find some part of it to “polish” – this happens with me always! It’s because when your state of mind changes, you can read your write up with different angle and view.

Part-5 of SEO untold facts, tips & tricks about WordPress, will follow soon.

Don’t miss the Part-5 of the series of SEO untold facts, tips & tricks about WordPress. In next part, I am going to discuss about importance of using Jetpack plugin and its proper customisation as per your needs.

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