SEO untold facts, tips & tricks about WordPress Part-1

The SEO untold facts, tips & tricks about WordPress is a series of articles I am specially writing for beginners. I have been using WordPress for my number of sites, since more than 10 years. Here I am sharing a number of untold facts, tricks and tips – fully time tested…! Please note, I’m not a expert programmer or an expert code geek, but what I’m sharing here will surely help the beginners…!

– Dattaraj Vidyasagar

Tips before installing WP

While discussing the SEO untold facts, tips & tricks about WordPress, this first step is very important. Before installing WordPress on your hosting account, do the following. These tips are extremely important to get maximum SEO for your website.

  1. Create your own Gmail account first, if of course note created.
  2. Use your complete name as the username while creating Gmail account.
  3. Then create your own Google+ profile. Use your complete name as the profile name while creating it.
  4. While creating Gmail account, if you find that required username is not available then think first. Don’t just add useless numerical before or after your username! Such email address appears ridiculous and also creates bad impression in SEO world and on the internet!
  5. Also before confirming to create Gmail account, check whether the same username you want is available on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  6. Once confirmed, quickly proceed to create all your accounts on Gmail, Facebook, etc. without any second thought. You are damn lucky!

Part-2 of SEO untold facts, tips & tricks about WordPress, will follow soon.

Don’t miss the Part-2 of the series of SEO untold facts, tips & tricks about WordPress. In next part, I am going to discuss the untold facts, tips and tricks while installing WP.