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Robotic workshop at Siddhant Coaching Classes

11-12th Bifocal Electronics Notes

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Today Vidyasagar Academy conducted workshop of robotics for the students of XI standard at Siddhant Coaching Classes, Akola. It was a great event and the students were quite enthusiastic in learning robotics.

Our expert faculty, Prof. Dattaraj Vidyasagar conducted the workshop starting with binary and ending with programming technics of robot using ATMega8 microcontroller.

At the beginning of programme, Yash Vidyasagar’s lecture inspired the students. His expert guidance in robotics is always useful to the participants.

Our senior students in robotics, Shripad Pande, Atharv Bodhankar and Prathamesh Rathod also guided the students about developing the skill in robotics.

Vidyasagar Academy and Vidyasagar Sir, personally, thankful to Prof. Bhalchandra Surve sir, Prof. Vivek Shastrakar and Shri. Mate for giving support to this great event.

Within a couple of day, the students who participated in this workshop will get the ‘certificate of participation’ from Vidyasagar Academy, Akola.

Note: The participated students can download the tested programs for their kit at this link.

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