12th Electronics Online Practical Course


Complete course covering 28 experiments as per the revised syllabus of HSC Board, Pune. Learn in the comforts of your home. Become confident about HSC practical examination and enrich your practical knowledge. Practical kit is also available with additional charges.

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Learn practical electronics at home. Learn in the comforts of your home. This course covers all 25+ experiments, which are systematically explained in simple language.


  • Full online support for 1 year
  • Explanation of basic components
  • All 28 experiments explained with step by step procedure
  • Video lectures of all practical experiments

    Online practical course kit with additional charges of Rs.5000
  • Practical booklet provided with readings for your college submission
  • Now you don’t have to be afraid of HSC board practical exam
  • You will be confident to perform practicals in engineering college
  • You can also request for practical kit to perform actual experimentation at home, with additional cost of Rs. 5000/- (the kit includes, breadboard, ICs, transistors and other relevant components) 
  • To request experimental kit alongwith this product please contact us.

Experiments list

Following is the list of experiments as per the revised HSC board syllabus of bifocal electronics. Fully checked readings are also given in the booklet for perfect understanding of each experiment.

Paper-1 Applied Electronics

  1. Zener diode load regulation
  2. Zener diode line regulation
  3. LM317 load regulation
  4. LM317 line regulation
  5. Photo relay using LDR (measurement of voltages)
  6. Photo relay using LDR (measurement of currents)
  7. Inverting amplifier using opamp
  8. Non-inverting amplifier using opamp
  9. Inverting adder using opamp
  10. Subtractor using opamp
  11. Buffer – unity gain amplifier using opamp
  12. Study of IC 555 as astable multivibrator
  13. Study of IC 555 as monostable multivibrator

Paper-2 Digital Electronics

  1. Study of basic gates
  2. Study of logic gates with verification of De Morgan’s theorems
  3. Construction of Boolean equations using basic gates
  4. Study of Ex-OR gate to verify the working of IC7486
  5. Study of Ex-OR gates as controlled inverter
  6. Construction of Ex-OR gate using basic gates
  7. Construction of RS flip flop using NAND and NOR gates
  8. Determination of noise margin in TTL gates – IC 7404 or IC 7400
  9. Construction of NAND gate as universal building block
  10. Construction of NOR gate as universal building block
  11. Construction of half adder using logic gates
  12. Construction of full adder using logic gates
  13. Study of 4-bit binary adder using IC7483
  14. R-2R ladder – measurement output voltage for BCD inputs
  15. Study of diode matrix ROM

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