Practical question slips of 12th bifocal electronics

While conducting the practical examination of HSC board you require the prescribed question slips (along with data sheets). Strictly speaking, you must conduct the annual practical examination, as per the rules and regulations given by the Maharashtra state board of higher secondary education.

The data sheets must be immediately distributed to the students after randomly allotting the practical experiment.

It is directed by the HSC board to copy circuit diagram, pin configurations and specifications of the relevant experiment in the answer sheet from the data sheet provided to the student.

There is NO NEED TO REMEMBER these things by the student. It is fully legal to copy this material directly from the data sheets.

However, the questions given in each of these data sheets, must be properly attempted by the student and perform the given practical experiment accordingly.

Since the student has to copy this data sheet, they are presented here as FREE DOWNLOAD and fully checked. There are no errors in the data sheets.

If, at all, you find any error, please let us know as early as possible. This will help other students also.

Click following link to download the data sheets. The .pdf files are password protected. The password for the two files is: VSAslips2015 

  1. XII electronics experiments data sheets (Paper-1)
  2. XII electronics experiments data sheets (Paper-2)
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