Robotics Study Club Activity: NCSC selected TechEye project

This project is built by the students of Bal Shivaji School, Akola. It was selected at District Level in the competition conducted by NCSC – National Children Science Congress.


Blindness is a curse. The person who is either blind by birth or by accident in his life has to face lots of problems. Close your eyes and try to do something you do every day, like putting toothpaste on a toothbrush. You will soon realise how difficult it is to do things if you cannot see what you are doing…!

Why we selected this project?

People, who cannot see, face such difficulties every day. They depend on their other senses (touch, smell, sound and taste) to learn about the world around them. And with practice, they learn to use these senses better than people with sight.

So to help socially, we developed one microcontroller based instrument for blind persons, which will help them navigate while walking. The instrument will help them to detect the obstacles appearing in front of them. This instrument can also produce audible beeps to recognise the direction of motion of the obstacle (in a limited sense), if the blind person is standing still.

Objectives of Project

  1. Our first objective is to provide an easy way of detecting obstacles to blind persons, while walking.
  2. Secondly we have to design a low cost i.e. economical instrument for the blind persons, which they can afford.
  3. The design of the instrument should be simple to operate and easy to use for the blind persons.
  4. The instrument must give fairly accurate results while detecting the obstacles en route.
  5. The instrument must work for a long time on the portable and rechargeable battery.
  6. And lastly, the instrument must work long life and to the fullest possible utility.


Want to construct this project for your school?

We have complete details of the project like project report in .pdf file, complete code of the project, structure details, etc. Contact us to get the details. This project has been advanced modified by Yash Vidyasagar by doing number of research on this project and he submitted it in Avishkar – University level competition 2016.

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