Laboratory Experimental Kits

We design and sell 11th and 12th electronics experimental kits for the students and institutions of bifocal vocational electronics. Every experimental kit is designed to get best possible readings and has 98% accuracy. Through these kits the students can to understand the fundamental concepts of bifocal electronics and learn the theoretical topics very effectively.

The kits are particularly suitable for the institutions, colleges, coaching classes, etc. The teacher can directly conduct the standard pattern of practicals of HSC Board on these kits. The kits have following important features:

  • Fully equipped with all apparatus (excluding measuring meters like DMM)
  • Well tuned as per the standards of HSC Board pattern of taking practical experiments
  • Each experiment kit is individually tested for MOST ACCURATE READINGS.
  • Every experiment is designed to understand its relevant theory, as well.
  • High quality spare parts are used inside each experimental board, as follows –
    • Low heat and low noise transformer
    • Regulated and accurate DC power supply for the internal circuit
    • Stainless steel connectors for practically zero contact resistance
    • High efficiency semiconductor devices
    • Low noise interference
    • Electric shock proof HD Poly Vinyl Chloride body
    • Every circuit is used with metal film 0.01% tolerance resistors for accurate readings
    • Fine and clean computerized circuit printed on each board for best vision
  • Multi-combination of some of the experimental kits possible like taking readings of different combinations of resistors, LEDs and PN junction diodes, etc.
  • Complete practical booklet will also be provided with each set of experimental kits with circuit diagrams, procedure, observation tables, formulas, brief theory of the relevant topic with technical reasoning, etc.

How to buy

Click here to contact us with your requirement or download brochure with prices & details. Our experimental kits are very accurate and low cost. Please spare some time look at the photographs of the kits.

Want to download the list of experiments of XI & XII standard bifocal electronics?

Important Note: Our kits are currently being used by number of vocational electronic institutions and colleges of Pune, Nasik, Thane, Andheri (E), Dadar (E), Nagpur, Akola, Kolhapur, Sangali, Latur, Chandrapur and many more in Maharashtra and in some colleges of Uttar Pradesh and New Delhi.

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