Home automation system using ATMega8 microcontroller

The ATMega8 microcontroller is so versatile that virtually its applications are just infinite.

This project of home automation using ATMega8 can be constructed for your school and college level project. It takes about 5-6 hours sitting to complete the project including the coding part of the project.


Teacher’s Remark: Tested OK Project

In this project we use ATMega 8 microcontroller with embedded code to control 8 different channels through electromagnetic switches. The code of the project is flexible and can be used to control different instruments like water pump, garden lights, backyard lights, etc., either through DTMF signalling or through specific timing control.

The current rating of the electromagnetic switches (relays) is about 2A at 230V AC. All the 8-channels are independently controlled through 8-bit port (PORTB) of the microcontroller. The sensors or controlling signals are executed through 7-bit port (PORTC).

Home automation using ATMega8

Nokia 1108 basic model or equivalent cell phone used for good results in DTMF controlling

In the coding part of the project we have used DTMF signalling technique through PORTC. Since the DTMF signals have assigned frequency ranges from 697Hz to 1633Hz, as shown in this chart.

For DTMF signal control, we have to use two basic NOKIA 1108 models or any equivalent cell phone models, for better results.

The applications of this project can be widened by doing modification in coding part. Only remember that the PORTB is used as output port to control 8-channels of EM relay switches and PORTC is used as input port.

You can attach any type of digital sensor to PORTC and modify the coding accordingly.

The controlling board of ATMega8

Complete project ready with the relevant code flashed into the memory of ATMega8 (Click to enlarge)

The controlling board of ATMega8

The controlling board of ATMega8 (Click to enlarge)

The controlling board of ATMega8

The 8-channel electromagnetic relay switch board. The current rating is 2A each (Click to enlarge)

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