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Robotics Downloads

These are the best possible drivers found for your USBasp programmer for Windows 10. Download the .zip file of this driver, and install it by clicking on¬†InstallDriver.exe file. That’s all! Your USBasp programmer will surely work. We have tested it on different platforms of Windows 10 and all of them are working properly. Please note Read More

This is a very interesting code which allows you to control your robot with all possible combinations. You just have to change single input pin of PORTC to use the robot as black line following robot, table top edge avoiding robot, obstacle avoiding robot, etc. Download the .zip file of complete project and use it Read More

If you are having problem while using your USBasp programmer with your 8051 dev. board, then download this driver files and install on your PC or lappy. Your problem will be solved. Note: Use “installer_x64.exe” if you computer uses 64bit configuration or use “installer_x86.exe” if your computer uses 32bit configuration.

The Keil robotics software for the students of advanced robotics learning at Vidyasagar Academy. Download its latest version and install it in your PC. Then start working with it as given in our notes.

This is the editable program file of Simple obstacle avoider robot using ultrasonic sensor. It is a zip file containing the project folder of AVR Studio 4 and the .hex file also for burning the code into your robot microcontroller ATMega16.

(1) Win AVR Download

This is the first software to be installed before starting the basic study of robotics. Download this software for free and install it. Then restart your computer. After that download and install AVR Studio4 from this link.

These are the user defined functions created by Vidyasagar Academy. With these functions student can write any robotic program in simple steps. However, we suggest to study the in-built functions of AVR Studio4 and understand their importance.

Use this .dll file to run AVR Studio 4 in Windows 8.1 or higher versions of MS Windows. Please read the procedure using this file in this article.

Download the complete program guide for the thorough study of ATMega8/16 microcontroller. All programs given in this guide are tested practically and they are in full working.

(3) AVR Burner

Vidyasagar Academy, Akola is a trusted name in the field of education. If you liked our free downloads, please write Google Review about us or follow us on Google+. This file is a nice utility small software used to burn the .hex file of your compiled program into your robot memory. Connect your robotic kit Read More