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12th Electronics

This is a free .pdf file containing the page from Vidyasagar Sir's most famous book of Digital Electronics. We advise you to download this page and learn the basic working of RS FF.

This booklet of "Definitions, Terminologies, Parameters & Phrases in Electronics & Physics" should prove to be the most helpful reference book for the students of 11th, 12th, polytechnic and engineering students.

This is the excerpt from the famous book of Vidyasagar Sir. It is the ISBN registered and approved book Semiconductor Devices & Circuits. You can download this .pdf file for free and use it for your reference.

This is the .pdf free downloadable file which explains the complete details of how to perform experiments of rectifier circuits and take best readings. Download the file and study it. It will be helpful to you in 11th and 12th standard HSC board exam preparation.

These are revised as per the current amendments in HSC board syllabus 2016 and effective for all HSC board exams from March 2017.

Fully customisable, neatly written project reports in MS Word for the students of 12th standard bifocal electronics.

Vidyasagar Academy, Akola is a trusted name in the field of education. If you liked our free downloads, please write Google Review about us or follow us on Google+. Best notes to prepare the 4th chapter of Paper-1 Applied Electronics for the HSC board exam of bifocal electronics.

Neatly written and checked practical record book as per new syllabus

Please note that this syllabus is fully revised and applicable to all HSC board exams, until we announce any further amendments on this page.