Download Basic Codes for your ATMega8/16 kit

This is FREE DOWNLOAD for the students of our academy. Every program of robotics is tested our special ATMega8 kit, which is also given for perform experiments to our students. When you try to use it on your own kit, be careful to check the connections first, as given below, connect the sensors and motors accordingly and then burn its .hex file in your robot MUC.

If you find any misbehaviour of your robot, try adjusting the _delay_ms(????) command line in the program. Then build the program again and repeat the procedure given above. In this way by trial and error method, you will get success.

This procedure of trial and error method is necessary because every robot has some internal structural misalignments within its hardware like in wheels, motors, sensors spacing, etc.

Connection details of ATMega8 kit

Buzzer–> PD4
Click following link to download the zipped file of all the programs.
Tested programs for ATMega8 Robotic Kit
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