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Research Paper Author: Dattaraj Vidyasagar Vidyasagar Academy 2014-03-20 Abstract: When it comes to the mobility and drift factors of electrons, the electronics configuration of silicon has to be taken into consideration. The 3s-levels (all having same energy) in all N number of atoms, will have 2N number of electrons. But the 3p-levels (all having same Read More

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The ATMega8 microcontroller is so versatile that virtually its applications are just infinite. This project of home automation using ATMega8 can be constructed for your school and college level project. It takes about 5-6 hours sitting to complete the project including the coding part of the project. Abstract Teacher’s Remark:¬†Tested OK Project In this project Read More

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Interested to make good career in robotics? Then this is the correct place for you! Join us either through our workshop or short term robotic courses. Upto 2015, we conducted more than 100 workshops, all over in Maharashtra. Our workshops on robotics are motivating the students to study the fundamentals of robotics, understand its hardware, Read More

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