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Here you will find lots of posts related to the robotics courses of Vidyasagar Academy Akola.

To start your basic study in robotics, first of all you need to download and install following first two software i.e. Win AVR, AVR Studio4 in your computer. The below given download is just a utility. Download it and click on its .exe file. There is no need to install it. Actually it does not install […] Read More

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Simplify your robotic programming with User Defined Functions!

Vidyasagar Academy has designed one simple technique to program your robot using simple coding shortcuts. These shortcuts are called as User Defined Functions. Details of user defined functions User defined functions are the type of simplified functions defined by the user as per his requirement and necessity in a particular program or code. You can […] Read More

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How to run AVR Studio 4 in Windows 8.1 or higher operating system?

The purpose of writing this post "How to run AVR Studio 4 in Windows 8.1 or higher operating system?", is because our students were always facing this problem of running AVR Studio 4 in Windows 8.1 or higher versions of Windows. Now the problem is solved. Follow the procedure as given below: First download a particular […] Read More

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Pololu compatible codes for your own robotic kit ATMega8/16/32

Pololu compatible codes for your own robotic kit ATMega8/16/32

If you have enough practice of working with ATMega16, then you can use these Pololu codes for your own robotic kit. Some hardware modifications are necessary in your ATMega8/16/32 robotic kit, but these codes given here are fully tested with these hardware. Copy and paste these codes into your AVR Studio7 or higher project and just […] Read More

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We provide the best education in basic and advanced robotics at Vidyasagar Academy, Akola. It has already gone viral and many students have taken advantage of our short term robotic courses (3-6 days maximum). About four years back we started robotics education in Akola on ATMega8 and ATMega16 microcontroller boards by providing multipurpose robotic kits […] Read More

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scribbler robot

Robotics Study Club

Under the activities of Vidyasagar Academy, we have recently started Robotics Study Club for the students of Akola and the rest of the Vidarbha […] Read More

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From Left: Yash Vidyasagar, Yatharth, Sumitra, Abhishek, Principal Vandana Kulkarni Ma'm, Pratik, Malhar, Pranav and Vidyasagar Sir.

The Robotics Study Club run under Vidyasagar Academy, recently conducted Robotics Competition at Jubilee English CBSE School, Kumbhari. The students from 8-9th standard who already learnt our fundamental course in robotics, participated in this competition. The task given to these students was very tough. A crossed black track had to be traversed by the robot […] Read More

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Simple maze solver using ATMega16 microcontroller

This is the code of simple maze solver using ATMega16 microcontroller. Before using the code don't forget to check the connection details given in the comment fields of the code. To download the complete project created in AVR Studio4, click the following button. You will be redirected to our cloud storage sharable link. There you […] Read More

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You can use 16x2 LCD display in your microcontroller kit by using these connections. Once the hardware connections are done properly, as shown below, don't forget to include the "lcd.h" and "lcd.c" files in your source code, as follows: The code for displaying the characters on the LCD display is also given below. ... include […] Read More

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