Robotic programming with User Defined Functions!

Vidyasagar Academy has designed one simple technique to program your robot using simple coding shortcuts. These shortcuts are called as User Defined Functions. (more…)

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12th Electronics Open Book Tests for Perfect Preparation

Vidyasagar Academy believes that if a student takes this “12th Electronics Open Book Tests for Perfect Preparation“, then he must score more than 80% marks in HSC Board examination of Electronics subject. (more…)

Deforestation decreases with enhanced awareness…

Another evs project of Deforestation decreases with enhanced awareness about forest conservation.

Neatly handwritten masterpiece project on environment science topic of deforestation, ideal for school and college submission. (more…)

A number of species have become locally extinct…

This is one more evs project of A number of species have become locally extinct due to excessive disturbance in the natural environment by humans.

Good observations and to the point discussion on the current problem of extinction of number of species due to excessive disturbance in natural cycle of environment by humans. Great write up! (more…)

The number of incidents of wildlife straying…

This is another great evs project of The number of incidents of wildlife straying into human habitation has gone up, with the decrease in their natural habitat.

The neat and step-by-step analysis of incidents of wildlife straying into human habitat along with the detailed discussion of effective measures to be taken. Good evs project! (more…)

Advertisements about the dangers to human health…

This is the evs project of Advertisements about the dangers to human health of smoking or chewing tobacco are effective and lead to people give up the consumption of tobacco.

Most readable and informative project report written by one of our students. Handwritten project with a touch of class, to the point description. (more…)

Revised notes of operational amplifier – 12th bifocal electronics


These are the revised notes of 12th standard bifocal electronics Operational Amplifier. These are revised as per the current amendments in HSC board syllabus 2016 and effective for all HSC board exams from March 2017. (more…)

11th bifocal electronics important chapter notes for download


These are very important notes of 11th bifocal electronics for the preparation of basic concepts in electronics.

Students are advised to learn through these notes and clear up your concepts first. After that only start studying 12th standard syllabus. If you already have our 12th standard electronics notes, then its ok, but if not then you can purchase them on this link. (more…)

Simple 12th standard Notes for HSC Vocational Electronics Technology (MCVC)

The best notes for the students of 12th standard HSC vocational MCVC for ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY PAPER-1. The notes are also useful with the syllabi of: Indonesian Electronics Technology HSC, NSW, Nepal Diploma in Electronics Engineering (CTEVT) and Pakistan NISTE DAE Course. (more…)

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