How to repair remote control of any type?

This is that article of “How to repair any type of remote control and save money from buying a new one” which I was thinking of writing since long. (more…)

Bifocal Electronics (बायफोकल इलेक्ट्रोनिक्स) विषयाचे महत्व

Bifocal Electronics (बायफोकल इलेक्ट्रोनिक्स) विषयाचे महत्व नेमके काय आहे हे समग्रपणे सांगणार हा लेख लिहिलंय प्रा. विद्यासागर सर ह्यांनी…! विद्यार्थी मित्रांनो, हा लेख निट वाचून ह्यातील प्रत्येक गोष्टीचे मनन करा…!

– विद्यासागर अकादमी



11-12th std. Board paper solutions of Bifocal Electronics

We are starting with the new series of HSC Board paper solutions of Bifocal Electronics. These are the paper solutions of the question papers set by top colleges in Maharashtra. Within a couple of days visit this page again to freely download number of such paper solutions.


11-12th Bifocal Electronics (C2) Coaching in Akola


11-12th Std. Bifocal Electronics

We have been teaching this subject since 1990 in Akola. Right now we conduct three types of batches for 11-12th Std. Bifocal Electronics students, at Vidyasagar Academy Akola: (more…)

Bifocal electronics teaching methodologies

I’ve been teaching this subject since 1990 at RLT College of Science, Akola. My first textbook was the Applied Electronics textbook for 12th std. students. Then I wrote number of books for bifocal electronics students. (more…)

Revised notes of operational amplifier – 12th bifocal electronics


These are the revised notes of 12th standard bifocal electronics Operational Amplifier. These are revised as per the current amendments in HSC board syllabus 2016 and effective for all HSC board exams from March 2017. (more…)

11th bifocal electronics important chapter notes for download


These are very important notes of 11th bifocal electronics for the preparation of basic concepts in electronics.

Students are advised to learn through these notes and clear up your concepts first. After that only start studying 12th standard syllabus. If you already have our 12th standard electronics notes, then its ok, but if not then you can purchase them on this link. (more…)

How to increase the writing speed in English language?

I use following tricks and it helped me a lot. You also try it for sure!

  1. Always join all the alphabets in english language – the reason for this is: the lesser the pen lifts, the faster the writing will be.
  2. Practice handwriting on the day of exam for 15 minutes – this will provide warming up, flexibility to the muscles of your forearm for easy movements.
  3. (more…)

Good books to read: suggested for college students of India

We suggest books for the students from 8th standard to engineering and polytechnic level. These books will help you build good science and technology attitude. (more…)

How to prepare 11-12th standard bifocal vocational electronics subject?

Vidyasagar sir's notes
A very useful article “HOW TO PREPARE 11-12th STANDARD BIFOCAL VOCATIONAL ELECTRONICS SUBJECT” is written by Yash Vidyasagar about the preparation of bifocal electronics subject for the students of 11-12th standard.

Every student who is either appearing for the HSC board exam in this subject or who has just taken admission in the stream, must read this article.

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