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ic555 adjustable duty cycle flasher PCB

This circuit of IC 555 as adjustable duty cycle flasher is unique. It uses the trick of charging the timing capacitor C1 through two different paths of resistors R2 and R3, via two independent diodes D1 and D2. Working When power supply is connected to the circuit (9V, PP3 battery) the timing capacitor C1 starts charging Read More

When the results of 10th standard SSC Board exam are declared the students rush for taking admission in 11th standard. For that they rush into different colleges of their liking. This was the picture in Akola since last many years. But now the things are changing in Akola. This year after the 10th standard exam Read More

Read more about 11th std. online admission process, on this link. Following is the complete list of colleges in Akola district. Some of these colleges have attached senior college run under Amravati university and some of them are purely junior colleges. Please note that these colleges may have plain PCMB group, vocational group like electronics, Read More

Dhruv Academy, Sangamner
Technothlon 2015 Robotics Competition

In the year 2015 the Technothlon Robotics Competition was held at College of Engineering and Technology, Akola. Our students participated in this competition and secured award.

robotics for beginners

Details of our robotics kit

Yes! What you are reading is right! Eduma theme is the most useless theme for beginners! Now even developers are having problems with it. It slows down your site tremendously! Whatever the Eduma theme people say, but this theme demands good enough coding level. Unless you are quite good at coding, I suggest you that do Read More

obstacle avoider robot using Ultrasonic Sensor

This is the program of “simple obstacle avoider robot using ultrasonic sensor“. This program is designed for ATMega16 microcontroller.

The simple & effective teaching methodology developed by Dattaraj Vidyasagar is effectively helping students to study the basics of robotics. This news is published today in Daily Lokmat, below.


Robotics basic guide

This is the robotics basic guide for all beginner level students. To start your basic study in robotics, first of all you need to download and install following first two software i.e. Win AVR, AVR Studio4 in your computer.