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About Us

All about us!

Vidyasagar Academy Akola is The Institute of Science & Technology. We have been teaching Modern Science & Technology subjects of Applied Physics & Electronics, Robotics & Web Designing in Akola since 1990.

At Vidyasagar Academy Akola, we run three courses, as follows:

11-12th Std. Bifocal Electronics

We have been teaching this subject since last 3 decades in Akola. Right now we conduct three types of batches for 11-12th Std. Bifocal Electronics students, at Vidyasagar Academy Akola:

Regular Batches

These batches starts on 10 July, every year. Any student of 11th standard can take admission to any of these batches. The batch timings are from 01PM to 07PM.

This batch completes on 10 May, next year. After summer vacation, the student has to attend our regular test series, which continues upto November.

Then from 10th January next year (i.e. next-next year of the student’s admission), we start Revision Batch for these students, which lasts upto the end of the month.

Any student who is right now in 11th can join this batch. The previous portion will be personally taught to him with full understanding of the student.

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  1. Full syllabus of 11-12th bifocal electronics as per revised syllabus of HSC Board.
  2. Every topic is taught through practical methodology.
  3. Full practical sessions in which student has to perform 10 experiments of 11th standard and 26 experiments of 12th standard.
  4. We provide complete notes, solved-unsolved problems booklets, HSC board paper solutions, practical booklets, etc. to each student.

Latecomer’s Batches

These batches don’t have fixed schedule and may start as per lately joining students. But this batch also gets the same treatment as our other regular batches.
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Refresher Batch

This is a single batch for those students who are now in 12th standard and never studied this subject yet. Such students want to learn the Bifocal Electronics complete syllabus with in a month or so. We welcome such students also, as we have complete fast teaching schedule with lots of additional features.

For more information, contact us to take admission to this batch.
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Important points to note!

Due to increasing trend of IIT-JEE preparation, many students, do not actually attend the regular practical sessions in their college, where they have taken admission.

Due to this, such students only get theoretical knowledge of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subject along with the subject of Bifocal Electronics as their supplementary subject.

Considering this problem and inertness of students, here at Vidyasagar Academy Akola, we teach our students the theory part of Bifocal Electronics through practical sessions only. And we are proud about our results of our students, who achieve best percentage of marks in the subject in HSC Board Exam.

Last year we have 34 students securing more than 95% marks, more than 50 students above 85% marks and not a single student below 80% marks.

If you are a student of 11-12th standard Bifocal Electronics (C2) then you can take admission to our above given any batch. Contact us for more details.

Robotics Coaching

We have been conducting short term courses in robotics since long at Vidyasagar Academy Akola. Right now we have two courses of Robotics in Akola:

Certificate Course in Robotics

It is a basic course of 6 days duration only. Any student from 7th standard onwards can take admission to this course.

The fees of this course is very low, just Rs.3000, as compared to huge fees structure at Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur and other cities like Rs.10,000 to Rs.20,000 or even more.

In our course fees, we give free robotics kit and our popular course book. The kit we provide is a multipurpose kit on which the student can perform 100s of different experiments and programs and do lots of practice.

If the student comes across any difficulty during his practical work, at home, we are always ready to help him. He just has to contact us, either through our WhatsApp group or call us directly. The student can also contact us online through this website or our social network.

After completing this course, the student achieves the ability of writing his own programs in C programming language, control the basic robot with different logic and control basic hardware.

What you get?

  1. Free multipurpose robotics kit – using advanced ATMega16 microcontroller
  2. Complete course book – simple language with lots of photographs, programs, ideas
  3. Certificate of training from Vidyasagar Academy Akola – recognised all over in Maharashtra
  4. Life time free membership of Vidyasagar Academy Akola to attend to our regular difficulty solving sessions
  5. Full online support to solve difficulties and problems through this Vidyasagar Academy Akola website and social network

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Advanced Course in Robotics

After completing our Certificate Course in Robotics, the student can take admission to the Advanced Course in Robotics.

Again the fees of this course is very low, just Rs.5000, as compared to huge fees structure at Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur and other cities which is more than Rs.20,000.

It is also the course of 6 days duration onlyAny student from 7th standard onwards can take admission to this course.

What you get?

  1. Free multipurpose development board – using advanced AT98S51 microcontroller
  2. Complete course book – simple language with lots of photographs, programs, ideas
  3. Certificate of training from Vidyasagar Academy Akola – recognised all over in Maharashtra
  4. Life time free membership of Vidyasagar Academy Akola to attend to our regular difficulty solving sessions
  5. Full online support to solve difficulties and problems through this Vidyasagar Academy Akola website and social network

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Web Designing

Vidyasagar Academy Akola is the only institute in Vidarbha where we teach the untold facts, tips and tricks of web designing. We conduct two types of courses in Web Designing.


  • Short term and real practical courses of Web Designing in Akola.
  • Achieve best skills in web development.
  • Learn the untold facts, tips and tricks of modern web development.
  • Design your own beautiful website just within 10 days of starting of the course.
  • Due to huge demand from lots of people and students, we have revised our course syllabi.
  • Now there are two courses in Web Designing:
  • Basic Course and Advanced Course


  • Maximum 5 students per batch
  • We shall solve all your difficulties within the course limit, upto your own satisfaction
  • Full practicals no boring theory 
  • Daily 01 hour training
  • Available timings: 4PM to 5:30PM daily, Sunday Closed
  • Basic & Advanced Course Duration: 20 days each
  • Complete notes with lots of downloaded resources, which will be given in your pen drive
  • Compulsory daily homework
  • Develop your best skills in web designing and programming within 10/20 days


  1. 10th standard passed or higher
  2. Good knowledge of English – speaking and writing – important!
  3. Good keyboard typing  – can be improved in course!
  4. You must have your own computer/laptop at home – important!
  5. One pen drive – 2GB minimum – important!
  6. Good speed internet connectivity at home to do daily homework – important!
  7. You must have one GMAIL ACCOUNT. Don’t have it? Create right now!
  8. One copybook, any type of smart phone
  9. Finally regularity, sincerity and punctuality while learning the course, will make all the difference. Doing homework properly – there is no excuse, if you don’t do the homework…!


  • Introduction to WWW – World Wide Web, HTTP & FTP protocols
  • Basic HTML, Java and their use in simple web pages
  • Basics Style Sheets (CSS), decorating your web pages
  • Basics of social networking
  • Understanding the basics of integrating social media with your website
  • Basic idea of Schema – How to create rich snippets in Google search pages
  • How to create Gravatar? – understanding its importance in internet world
  • Understanding brand new concepts of WWW and Google
  • Full practical sessions, live sessions while teaching and in practicals

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  • Basic PHP, brief idea of basic programming
  • Introduction to WordPress (WP), understanding WP environment, creating your master account on WP
  • Understanding Dashboard of WP, basic setup, permalink structure, creating users, tags, categories, uploading media, using plugins, uploading and downloading XML files of WP
  • Creating posts, pages, testimonials – understanding their hierarchical importance in web development
  • Creating widgets, customising appearance of your website
  • How to do hyperlinking, conditional hyperlinking, query in hyperlinks
  • Use of forms – Gravity, Formidable Pro, WP forms
  • Brief introduction to SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – how to achieve best search ranking in Google search
  • Social networking – how to link your web pages with social networks to attract large traffic to your website
  • Training of WordPress with world class licensed applications & themes like THESIS, THEMEDY, WPTHESISSKINS, GRAVITY, FORMIDABLE PRO, WOOCOMMERCE, and more.

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    Total Fees: Rs.4000half instalment at the time of admission
    Total Fees: Rs.10,000half instalment at the time of admission

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CONTACT ADDRESSVidyasagar Academy Akola Logi
Vidyasagar Academy,

Ranpise Nagar, Near 12-Jyotirling Temple,
Behind Samyak Sambodhi Karyalay,
Akola – 444001
Email: dsvakola@gmail.com, vidyasagaracademyakola@gmail.com
Contact Nos.: 99-60-991-991, 96-57-680-479
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Please note that we DO NOT HAVE any branch anywhere in the world. We run our institute VIDYASAGAR ACADEMY, only from the above given address. If you find any resemblance with any other institute, it is purely coincidental…!
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