12th Standard Bifocal Digital Electronics Notes

12th Standard Bifocal Digital electronics notesSure success notes

The 12th Standard Bifocal Digital Electronics Notes are very useful for your self study. Many students have already taken advantage of these notes since the revision of HSC Bifocal Vocational Electronics Syllabus of 12th Standard in the year 2000.

Contents of notes

XII standard Paper II – Digital Electronics (50 Marks Theory Paper)
This notes contains 7 chapters. The detailed contents of the notes are given below. You can check the contents by referring to the HSC Board prescribed syllabus.

Number systems – binary, hexadecimal conversions, binary arithmetic, etc.
Logic gates – AND/OR/NOT/NAND/NOR/Ex-OR; Boolean algebra, De Morgan’s theorems, identities, NAND/NOR as UBB, etc.
Logic Families – bipolar and unipolar TTL/CMOS logic circuits, their working, etc.
Combinational Logic Circuits – Mux, Demux, Encoder and Decoder, working, etc.
Flip Flops – RS FF, clock concept, JK FF, MS FF, registers and counters, working, neat diagrams, etc.
A/D & D/A Converters – weighted resistors D/A converter, R-2R ladder, simultaneous A/D converter, counter type, SAR converter, etc.
Computer Fundamentals – basic computer system, memories, storage types, etc.

The prescribed marking scheme for 12th standard as per the norms of HSC Board, is given on this link.

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