12th Standard Bifocal Applied Electronics Notes

The 12th Standard Bifocal Applied Electronics Notes are very useful for your self study. Many students have already taken advantage of these notes since the revision of HSC Bifocal Vocational Electronics Syllabus of 12th Standard in the year 2000.

Contents of notes

XII standard Paper I – Applied Electronics (50 Marks Theory Paper)
This notes contains 6 chapters. The detailed contents of the notes are given below. You can check the contents by referring to the HSC Board prescribed syllabus.


12th Electronics (C2) Revised Syllabus (Original) 517.42 KB 1477 downloads

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Instruments – CRT, CRO, function generator, DMM
DC Power Supplies – HWR, FWR, BR, filters, regulators, 3-terminal ICs
Transducers – active/passive transducers, 9 different types of transducers
Operational Amplifiers – differential amplifier, characteristics of opamp, why dual power supply is necessary, parameters of opamp, inverting/non-inverting amplifier, adder, subtractor, integrator, differentiator, buffer, comparator, Schmitt trigger, etc.
Modern Electronics Communication – elements of communication system, satellite comm., WAN, MAN, LAN; optical fiber comm., facsimile FAX, Cell phone technology, RADAR communication, etc.
Study of Integrated Circuits – complete study of IC 555, IC 741 and IC LM 317.

The prescribed marking scheme for 12th standard as per the norms of HSC Board, is given on this link.

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