12th bifocal electronics: Conceptual study questions, Chapter 5

These are the conceptual study questions to enrich your GK of 12th standard bifocal electronics subject. These questions will definitely compel you to think logically and to study the relevant chapter to understand the logic behind each of the question.

Conceptual study questions on Chapter 5, Modern Electronics Communication

  1. How antenna converts high frequency electrical signal into electromagnetic radiations?
  2. One what principle the dish antenna works?
  3. Is it possible to ‘steal’ i.e. to tap the signal from optical fiber cable? How?
  4. Why you cannot easily ‘steal’ signals from an optical fibre? What are basic reasons behind it?
  5. Do you know how Yagi-Uda antenna of a TV works? What are the directors and reflector used in it? Explain their function.
  6. Suppose a copper wire is carrying high frequency modulated signal. Then how this signal ‘leaks’ out from the cable? Explain with reasons.
  7. Why some airplanes are not visible to RADAR? Search the web and find the answer.

We suggest you to read the chapter Study of Integrated Circuits – Paper 1 and then try to solve these questions. If you have any doubt or queries about it, don’t hesitate to contact us at this link. You can view and study the chapter at this link.

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