12th bifocal electronics: Conceptual study questions, Chapter 4

These are the conceptual study questions to enrich your GK of 12th standard bifocal electronics subject. These questions will definitely compel you to think logically and to study the relevant chapter to understand the logic behind each of the question.

Conceptual study questions: Chapter 4, Operational Amplifiers

  1. What will happen if we connect two inverting amplifier circuits one after another i.e. the output of first is connected to the input of next amplifier?
  2. If we connect two inverting amplifier circuits, such that the output of first is connected to the input of next and if  R1 = Rf, in both circuits, then will this circuit be equivalent to the circuit of buffer? Explain with reasoning.
  3. What will happen if the power supply voltage to an operational amplifier circuit is 12V and the amplified output voltage is greater than 12V? Explain this condition with proper reasons. Explain the exact value of output voltage.
  4. If we connect a diode in forward biased condition in feedback path of an inverting amplifier, then what will be the output condition? Explain with diagram and reasons.
  5. Can we design a buffer circuit with inverted output? How?

We suggest you to read the chapter Study of Integrated Circuits – Paper 1 and then try to solve these questions. If you have any doubt or queries about it, don’t hesitate to contact us at this link. You can view and study the chapter at this link.

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