11-12th Bifocal Electronics (C2) Coaching in Akola

11-12th Std. Bifocal Electronics

We have been teaching this subject since 1990 in Akola. Right now we conduct three types of batches for 11-12th Std. Bifocal Electronics students, at Vidyasagar Academy Akola:

Regular Batches

These batches starts on 10 July, every year. Any student of 11th standard can take admission to any of these batches. The batch timings are from 01PM to 07PM.

This batch completes on 10 May, next year. After summer vacation, the student has to attend our regular test series, which continues upto November.

Then from 10th January next year (i.e. next-next year of the student’s admission), we start Revision Batch for these students, which lasts upto the end of the month.

Any student who is right now in 11th can join this batch. The previous portion will be personally taught to him with full understanding of the student.

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  1. Full syllabus of 11-12th bifocal electronics as per revised syllabus of HSC Board.
  2. Every topic is taught through practical methodology.
  3. Full practical sessions in which student has to perform 10 experiments of 11th standard and 26 experiments of 12th standard.
  4. We provide complete notes, solved-unsolved problems booklets, HSC board paper solutions, practical booklets, etc. to each student.

Latecomer’s Batches

These batches don’t have fixed schedule and may start as per lately joining students. But this batch also gets the same treatment as our other regular batches.
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Refresher Batch

This is a single batch for those students who are now in 12th standard and never studied this subject yet. Such students want to learn the Bifocal Electronics complete syllabus with in a month or so. We welcome such students also, as we have complete fast teaching schedule with lots of additional features.

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Important points to note!

Due to increasing trend of IIT-JEE preparation, many students, do not actually attend the regular practical sessions in their college, where they have taken admission.

Due to this, such students only get theoretical knowledge of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subject along with the subject of Bifocal Electronics as their supplementary subject.

Considering this problem and inertness of students, here at Vidyasagar Academy Akola, we teach our students the theory part of Bifocal Electronics through practical sessions only. And we are proud about our results of our students, who achieve best percentage of marks in the subject in HSC Board Exam.

Last year we have 34 students securing more than 95% marks, more than 50 students above 85% marks and not a single student below 80% marks.

If you are a student of 11-12th standard Bifocal Electronics (C2) then you can take admission to our above given any batch. Contact us for more details.